GOP Unveils Bill That Would STOP Democrat Funding of Chinese Think Tanks Within the U.S.

Democrats may have little choice but to move it forward as House Republican Lance Gooden (R-TX) unveils a bill designed to restore some of the luster to the embattled Congress thoroughly embarrassed by the bedroom hijinks of Rep. Eric Swalwell with a Chinese Intel Asset.

While any bill forwarded by a Republican in Nancy Pelosi’s House faces a steep challenge even reaching the floor, this bill could provide even the Democrats with an opportunity to try and save face, while simultaneously helping secure our nation from China’s growing malign influence over our government in general and the Biden-Harris regime in particular (already well known to be compromised by Beijing).

Congressman Gooden tweeted, “The CCP and RUSSIA are pouring dark money into think tanks all over the swamp. These organizations sway the opinions of US lawmakers EVERY DAY. We cannot allow it to continue!”

According to National Review, if the proposal, “set to be announced this morning by Representative Lance Gooden and the Republican Study Committee — which initially called for these reforms in June — becomes law, it stands a chance at complicating these foreign-influence operations.”

“For too long, left-wing think tanks have influenced American politics while taking money under the table from the CCP and other foreign adversaries,” Gooden will say in a statement announcing the bill. “We must shed light on the unreported financing behind the research organizations and nonprofits shaping our foreign policy.”

Gooden’s Bill Unveils The Money Trail

Gooden’s bill would require that any donations from foreign powers or political parties to US based Think Tanks exceeding $50,000 annually would require public disclosure. That this bill has even come to introduction indicates a growing concern in Washington, D.C. that our government’s less than professional relationship with the Chinese Communist Party has entered public awareness and must be dealt with.

Nadege Rolland, a senior fellow at the National Bureau of Asian Research wrote, “Think tanks, like media, are seen as playing a major role in changing the way others, including democracies, speak and think about China, its regime, and its policies,”

As the Chinese government is a Maoist-Leninist, single party state the CCP’s foreign political operations, academic activities and even businesses are hopelessly intertwined with China’s overall foreign policy and intelligence.

The Review wrote that this can take many different forms, for example: “the most obvious of which is when foreign governments set up their own institutions in Washington.” China’s funding scheme is so ornate and elaborate though that Gooden’s bill would only be the beginning of reigning in Beijing’s soft-power in America.

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