Strong Law and Order GOP Candidate Emerges in NY [Watch]

Conservative Talk show host and Founder of the ‘Guardian Angels’ who helped take back New York City’s streets in the 70’s, Curtis Sliwa is running for Mayor of New York on a law and order platform. Sliwa’s populist messaging has sparked new life in the long defunct New York City GOP scene and many view his campaign with cautious optimism in light of the exodus of an estimated 300,000 New Yorkers in the fallout of COVID lockdowns.

Sliwa told KUSI San Diego in an interview:

“If New York City is to recover: The economic engine for the world, the country and the crown jewel of our entertainment and cultural opportunities throughout America and throughout the world: It all starts with public safety and supporting the police of which none of the other candidates are doing. You know what the drive is now across America and in New York City?
Defund the police. And as a result of defunding the police, crime has skyrocketed.
Shootings, assaults, hate crimes and everybody looks at one another and say: Well how are we going to deal with this?
Well what you got to do is support the police allow them to go out and take back our streets and in the case of New York City our Subways.”

A Guardian Angel For Mayor Bringing Law and Order

Sliwa has taken a hardline stance for restoring law and order, calling for massive property owners with sweetheart tax deals Madison Square Garden and city Universities like New York University and Columbia University to be stripped of their tax-free status to bankroll not just a re-funding, but an expansion of the NYPD’s capabilities, just part of his 21 page “property tax reform plan”, its a plan that actually puts Sliwa on-par with Democratic Candidate Andrew Yang, who would decidedly use the money generated for different purposes.

Sliwa told The New York Post,

“We’re going to refund the police,” he declared, surrounded by a clutch of retired NYPD officers at One Police Plaza. “Put that billion dollars back into the budget.”

“You imagine people can go out there and vandalize property as we’ve seen on a regular basis, and they’re untouchable?” he said. “They get to go out there and have a demonstration without a permit? That’s going to stop.”

“You can’t be blocking traffic. You can’t be damaging buildings without facing arrest.”

A New York Mayor, Who Isn’t Afraid of New Yorkers

Curtis Sliwa has expressed that opposed to recent Mayors he’ll be unafraid to walk amongst his fellow New Yorkers, citing two attempts on his life by the Gotti crime family, he referred to opposition from Madison Square Garden owner Jimmy Dolan. “I took on John Gotti Sr. and John Gotti Jr.,” Sliwa said. “Jimmy Dolan is a mamaluke. You know what that is? It means he’s a momma’s boy.”

“I’m not going to need the armed security,” he said. “I’m not going to need the taxpayer-funded SUV, which all of these elected officials take total advantage of and then they defund the police? But, ‘Oh, please, don’t take my armed security officers away.’ Are they afraid of the people? I get the sense they’re afraid of the people. I’m not afraid of the people.”

Sliwa also isn’t afraid to call his political opponents by their real name, speicifically calling out the Democrat Socialists of America and Congresswoman Alexandira Ocasio-Cortez whom he refers to as “All-Out-Crazy” a play on her political nomme du guerre ‘AOC’. He has also called for the resignation of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, saying “Andrew “Evil Eyes” Cuomo, he is evil. He’s got to go. Resign now!”

If elected Sliwa would be the first Republican Mayor of New York since Michael Bloomberg abandoned the party amidst several scandals in 2007 only to re-rebrand (not a typo, he started as a Democrat) himself a Democrat (again) in 2018. He would also be just the third GOP Mayor of New York in the last century after the controversial Fiorello La Guardia and Rudy Giuliani (John Lindsay doesn’t count, he flipped parties just like Bloomberg.)

The CEO and Founder of the Guardian Angels is hardly Batman and New York City isn’t Gotham, but perhaps Sliwa while not being the Mayor many New Yorkers would want, will prove to be the law and order Mayor they need right now.

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