Dems Made Up a FAKE Republican Plot in Order to Save One of The Most Corrupt Criminal Dems Out There

Corrupt criminal Andrew Cuomo must be using a high powered PR firm these days. Democrats live in a total Fantasyland of illusion. They refuse to see solid fact evidence in front of them when it doesn’t fit their narrative. Like when it’s used to prove election fraud. At the same time, they can whip up a whopper of a conspiracy theory at the drop of a hat and have their Liberal fact checkers look the other way to save Cuomo. Anything goes when it supports the chosen liberal world view, fact or fiction.

Sympathy for criminal Democrat

The things which run through the heads of liberal progressives are more terrifying to conservatives than a Stephen King novel. On Thursday, Chip Franklin, who writes about liberal goings-on in Washington, D.C., had an epiphany.

Andrew Cuomo’s admitted criminal coverup of nursing home deaths was all a plot of Republicans to make him look bad. “It’s occurred to me,” he tweets, “that Republicans want Cuomo out so they can replace him with a Gov who could pardon Trump for state crimes.”

For a guy with a radio show in uber liberal San Francisco, he seems to think he has his finger firmly on the pulse of the district.

He took time away from covering “the recall effort being waged against Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom in California” to help support criminal New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. The scary part is that Democrats agree completely.

One conservative noted not only did Franklin’s tweet get “some attention,” the responses are total classics described as the ultimate in ‘rabbit hole’ experiences.”

An example or two gives the general feel of agreement in favor of ignoring criminal activity of a Democrat for the sake of the greater good.

It’s no coincidence

“EXACTLY CORRECT!!” Dj Nyagra tweets. “It’s no coincidence these allegations are coming at this time. Investigators need to look into who has been in contact with these women over the past few months. I have a very difficult time swallowing allegations like this when they smell so damned political.”

That’s in regard to the criminal sexual abuse allegations which popped up after Cuomo admitted covering up nursing home deaths.

Still, he’s a Democrat so he’s on the right team, even if he is a criminal.

“Absolutely, that’s what repubs want. Andrew Cuomo has requested NY AG Letitia James to oversee the investigation. I’m not making any decision, guilty or innocent, until the investigation has concluded & we see the results.”

Letitia James is the prosecutor “who revealed to the world that Cuomo’s Office had been lying to the Legislature and the public about the fact that Cuomo’s nursing home policy killed 15,000 elderly who did NOT have COVID until Cuomo ordered that COVID positive nursing home residents be forced back into their facilities.”

Cuomo wants anyone but her on his criminal case. How do you fix it? Blame Trump.

“Yes, indeed The @GOP is all over this mess. Trump can be accused multiple times of rape, and not give up his DNA, Cuomo gets accused and of just talking and touching and all hell breaks loose. Polygraph for all.”

Just because Cuomo is a criminal doesn’t mean liberals should do anything rash like replace him or anything. They could end up with a Republican if progressives keep thinking like that.

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