Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris Colluded With Abortion Providers To Bury Pro-Life Journalist

New evidence proves that Kamala Harris colluded with Planned Parenthood, and the National Abortion Federation (NAF), to bury citizen journalist and pro-life activist David Daleiden. This while Harris held the office of Attorney General of California.

In 2015 David Daleiden became famous when his organization, the Center for Medical Progress, exposed Planned Parenthood for selling human fetal remains. He became the focus of the abortion organization and Kamala Harris’s Attorney General’s office who went so far as to raid Daleiden’s home. The raid was to retrieve the videos that exposed the organization’s executives and their evil actions of selling human baby remains.

How Kamala Harris Was Exposed

In an interview with Fox News Daleiden said, “Planned Parenthood, NAF, and the California Attorney General beginning with Kamala Harris colluded to silence my reporting on illegal fetus trafficking and to obstruct justice in ongoing investigations of their practices.”

“After the new evidence in NAF and Planned Parenthood attorney billing records of illegal collusion with the Attorney General’s office, and the on-the-record admissions from the prosecutor, the Superior Court has now ordered the Attorney General to produce further testimony about the extent of the office’s coordination with Big Abortion special interests in manufacturing the bogus and unconstitutional charges against me and my colleagues,” Daleiden added. “No matter how hard Planned Parenthood, Kamala Harris, and their associates have tried, the truth can no longer be buried.”


In 2020 Daleiden and The Center of Medical Progress decided to sue Harris, PlannedParentshood, and the NAF. Their suit claims they were victims of political targeting by the now Vice President over the horrific videos proving Planned Parenthood’s human-remain trafficking.

Newly released court documents have proved that Harris actively communicated with Planned Parenthood and other abortion organizations during the time of the raid on Daleiden.

Planned Parenthood was a heavy doner to Kamala Harris‘s campaign for the presidency in 2020. Unsurprising after her office personally worked at destroying journalists exposing the organization.


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