Abortion Myths Kill Babies

Abortion has been a hot topic issue since the 1973 ruling of Roe v. Wade. The divisive mentality over the debate has never been more obvious than in recent months as Texas passed a ban on abortion after six weeks.

The national outrage of the liberal left was severe. In retaliation, Nancy Pelosi, and her coven, have created an amendment to the spending bill that would allow federal funding of abortion with little restriction up until birth.


Those supporting abortions lead with myths they have used for decades to manipulate people into believing lies. Eleanor Bartow at the Federalist has done an amazing job breaking down these myths. Here is a couple for you to enjoy.

Abortion Myths That Kill

Myth #1: Abortion is a woman’s rights issue. The Government should stay out of the private lives of women because abortion is ultimately the woman’s choice.

Truth: Abortion is not a rights issue. I do not have the right to murder my neighbor because they are an inconvenience, neither do I have the right to murder my child. An individual’s rights end when another individual’s rights begin. Law is put in place to protect the rights of each person, often restricting what one human can do to another. A human baby is not property to be owned, and disposed of by their parent but is an individual with rights. The child in a mother’s womb has its DNA, personality, and identification characteristics that make them unique and separate from the mother herself. The baby’s body is not the mother’s and vice versa.


Myth #2: Most Abortions take place in early pregnancy when the egg is fertilized, and the fetus is just a mass of cells. Cells can’t feel pain.

Truth: Most Abortions happen after 6-9 weeks of pregnancy. A zygote’s (or clump of cells) development happens rather quickly. The heartbeat of a baby can be detected at 6 weeks but began beating before. Week 3 is when neural development begins, and in week 4 the eye, ear, and respiratory system begin to be formed, and at week 6 the lips and mouth are present. By week 7 a small human is shaped in ultrasounds.


If you would like to learn more myths and how to counter them I highly recommend Eleanor Bartow’s article at the Federalist.

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