Good is Evil, and Evils is Good says the Deceiver

The World is upside down. What, in past generations, we deemed evil our current culture embraces. Evil is no longer merely tolerated but redefined as one’s right. This is showcased best in the Pro-choice movement.

Murder is abhorrent. The abuse of innocence is disgusting, but we now equate the two as good for women. We are a nation that sacrifices the lives of babies on the altar of convenience and then prays for God’s blessing on our country. America is one of 7 countries in the world that has the most progressive abortion laws. Democratic-run Congress has even pushed for legislation that would legalize full-term abortion.

Abortion is just one of many examples that expose our corrupted morality in America. Our culture is a festering wound of lost principles. The question is: Is this a cultural fight, or is it something more?

What is Evil?

America’s foundation is one of faith. What is being taught in public schools is that our founders were atheists or Deists. Men who had no abiding faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ: This is a lie. Our founding generation was one of the most religious in American history.

Why do we teach such lies to children who will one day be the leaders of our nation? The Bible holds the answer. You see the enemy is not our current political leader or our friends and neighbors who vote differently than us. Our enemy is the one behind the chaos, destruction, and lies. As Ephesians 6:12 clearly states our Enemy is Satan.

What is Good?

God is good. The Founders defined good, even basing the laws they created on this simple truth. Accepting the knowledge that God is good that the laws, principles, and values He created, benefit all men. Then we would understand that there are “Self-evident truths.”

Our founders made it clear that if we lose our ties with the moral good of religion in our society then America would not survive. The America Ideal was birthed, and can only be lead by a moral citizenry.

What we have done in America is redefined morality, going so far as to redefine the rights of an individual to mean we have a right to our selfish desires. Selfishness has become our God and as long as we worship at alters that do not honor the true King the Satan wins.

To fight this we, as individuals, must reconnect with the faith that founded America in the first place. A faith that had clear defines truths. That taught the difference between good and evil. This, and this alone, will be the only way we win.

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