Religious Exemption to Vaccine now in Question

As vaccine mandates sweep our nation the Liberal Left is already questioning your right to “religious exemptions.” In an article by ABC NEWS doubt is being sown by questioning the “sincerely held religious beliefs,” of employees. The people’s use of their religious liberty to be exempt from the Covid-19 vaccine is also in question.

The west coast tyranny is getting pushback due to their vaccine mandates. Los Angelos alone has more than 2,600 police officers asking for religious exemption against the jab. Washington State has also had 3,800 state works ask for a religious exemption from Governor Jay Inslee’s mandate that dictates all workers must be vaccinated by Oct. 18 or lose their jobs.

Is It Really About A Religious Exemption?

A medical exemption given by a doctor has parameters that are made clear, this is not so with religious exemptions. At least this is the argument being made in mainstream media.


Are most of these religious exemption requests sincere? What qualifies as a “sincere” belief? That is for the individual, and God to know. The First Amendment is clear that religion, and the beliefs born from faith, are protected as a right.

The question isn’t if a belief is sincere, but if the person in question believes at all. Can an exemption be made for those who go to church, or synagogue, regularly? Do the Christmas and Easter believers count too? How about those who only watch online, they are practicing safe social distancing, right?

The Right To Informed Consent

The true goal of our government is… control. This requires compliance from the populace. Religious Exemptions allow the people to express free thought. A way to divest from tyrannical dictates from state and federal governments.

As the Media and Political Elites stir up the fear by creating a whole new class system in America: The Vaccinated vs. the unvaccinated. What is to come next, shall the religious dissenters be made to wear symbols that identify them in our public squares? Doesn’t that sound familiar? The grasping of control by local, state, and federal government bodies will never end until the people stand up to it. If Religious exemption allows for conscientious dissension then so be it.


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