Parents Lose All Rights Under Title IX Change

Parents are about to lose the last shreds of their rights under the Title IX transgender mandates. The minions of Joe Biden started recently portraying him with demonic red lasers coming out of his eyes, when he doesn’t have those aviators on. Dark Brandon’s laser beams are aimed straight at the bullseye target of parental rights.

Parents lose their rights

The Imperial palace announced on Wednesday that they’re coming out with some changes. Title IX will be new and improved in such a way that parents won’t have any rights at all. In fact, they can be prosecuted for standing in the way.

The new rules were supposedly drafted to “protect gay and transgender students from bullying and harassment.” What they aren’t telling anyone is it’s the parents who are considered “bullies.

Joe Biden just handed liberal teachers “a weapon to subvert parental prerogatives,” New York Post reports. Parents are no longer allowed to make decisions regarding the perceived gender of their child.

Title IX is supposed to be a simple law. It outlaws discrimination based on “sex.” Girls and boys must get equal education, unlike the way the Taliban do it over in Afghanistan. What seems simple enough to normal American conservatives is a lot more complicated to progressives.

Title IX doesn’t say one single word about “gender” or “gender identity.” Even so, the Biden regime is using it to “put its own spin on the law and redefine ‘sex‘ to include these categories.” The only thing simple is that mom and dad simply aren’t allowed to have an opinion on the issue. As the Post points out, “this change has far-reaching implications.

One is that it will be used to keep parents in the dark on everything from curricular material to the fact that a child is socially transitioning at school.” They can do that. “A parent who refuses to use a child’s preferred pronouns, declines to fill a prescription for puberty blockers or decides against sending a gender-confused child to an affirming therapist thus is ‘discriminating’ against his or her child.


Discriminating against their child

If little Johnnie wants his parents to call him Jane they have to do it. Not only that, if she’s afraid to ask the ‘rents to call her Jane, she can have the school handle her transition for her, and they don’t even have to tell her folks.

Because this new Title IX frames gender ideology as an anti-discrimination issue, schools won’t have to seek parental permission for children to participate in lessons on choosing and changing one’s sex. Indeed, schools will very likely use Title IX’s anti-discrimination mandate to justify denying parental opt-outs from these controversial lessons.

Because the rules allow “children an absolute right to use school facilities and participate in activities ‘consistent with their gender identity,’ regardless of whether their parents agree or are even aware of said identity,” some interesting test cases have already popped up.

One mother in Washington state, for instance, reported that “school officials asked her 11-year-old daughter if she wanted to stay in the boys’ cabin on an upcoming field trip without talking to the mother first.

Schools are already insisting that they have legal authority to “socially transition children without parental consent or knowledge.” What that means in Alaska is that “one school used Title IX as a justification for changing a child’s name and pronouns without telling her mother.

Officials then revised every single school document, other than those sent to the parents, to reflect the child’s chosen male name. That name even appeared in the yearbook. When the mother found out and protested, school officials said she had no say over the matter — because of Title IX.

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