Ryan Zinke was fired by former President Donald Trump but still thinks there’s no reason why he can’t get elected to represent Montana in congress. Hopefully, he’ll have a primary challenger because the Democrats are already expecting a win in his district if he’s the chosen candidate in the final round. Montana should take a hard look at what happened in the past few Arizona Senate races before they get behind a RINO. Especially a RINO under investigation for ties to shady deals.

RINO to represent Montana

Before he was appointed to the job of Interior Secretary, which he was fired from by former president Donald Trump, Ryan Zinke had just been elected to a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

In 2016, for a short while, he was chosen to represent Montana’s 2nd Congressional District. He’s hoping to get the job back. He thinks everyone will forget about the charter plane flights he was investigated over by the Attorney General for the Department of Interior.

Zinke also thinks the people he plans to represent will forget all about the little deal he made involving a chunk of Montana land, a foundation Zinke created, and the Halliburton corporation.

That’s a huge “energy services company” intimately entwined with the Interior department. Zinke was in charge of the department until he quietly slunk away in disgrace at the end of 2018.

Alleged Republican Senator Steve Daines just called his own reelection chances into question by endorsing Zinke to represent the state as a Republican. He would have a better chance running as the Democrat he is.

Daines may have just outed himself as a Democrat sleeper cell by announcing “Zinke was a strong voice for Montana as Secretary of Interior. He was also a strong voice for Montana in Congress, and would be so again.”

Democrats throw a party

Over at the Democrat Party headquarters, they’re throwing a party over the announcement. They have an honest Democrat who can beat a RINO republican in the race to represent Montana. We need to “Say his name” and call Ryan Zinke out for the RINO he is.

“Ryan Zinke’s clownish corruption was so bad that he got fired by Donald Trump,” they remind. “He embarrassed Montana by gutting public lands in order to reward his special interest allies.”

Montanans, they insist, “will reject his latest bid to climb the political ladder.” They won’t let him represent their interests.

They might, however, favor “a responsible Democratic leader who puts our values ahead of the lobbyists who packed Zinke’s offices in Washington D.C.” That’s almost what happened in Arizona.

The libertarian stronghold of Arizona turned “blue” when the conservative voters intentionally elected Democrat Mark Kelly to represent them in the Senate over confirmed RINO Martha McSally. He joined Democrat Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema who was elected in 2018 over McSally.

For some reason, the Republican party refuses to get the message that conservatives in Arizona would rather elect a moderate Democrat who admits being a Democrat than a radical Democrat who is registered as a Republican. There are a lot of political insiders who say if RINOs aren’t purged from the GOP now, the party won’t survive the mid-terms.

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