‘Burn Him Alive Like He Burnt the Holy Koran’: 5,000-Strong Muslim Lynch Mob Torch Police Station

In case you needed a reminder of why America was once the greatest nation in the world and the fact that we’re slipping. What happens here in the US today if you light a Qu’ran (or Koran) on fire in the streets? Thirty years ago, you’d largely be considered a jerk, but you’d be otherwise fine. Today though you’ll likely be branded a Muslim hating islamophobe, canceled online, and possibly lose your employment to the cancel mob. (If you do so in Portland, Seattle, or Dearborn, Michigan you might even face some mob/Antifa violence.) Do you want to see where that road leads? Let’s take you to Pakistan.

The Daily Mail Online reported,

“A 5,000-strong mob has burned multiple police stations in Pakistan while demanding officers hand over a man accused of torching a copy of the Koran.

The crowd gathered outside the police station in the town of Charsadda, in northern Pakistan, late Sunday after learning cops were holding a man accused of blasphemy.

Thugs demanded police hand the man over ‘so we can burn him alive the way he burned the Koran’, before settling light to the station and surrounding checkpoints.”

Anarch in Pakistan As Muslim Rioters Turn To Arson

Some thirty vehicles were torched in what was described as a night of “anarchy” that bled into the following Monday with 2,000 angry rioters still on the scene. “The mob stormed the station asking to hand over the man to them so they could burn him alive like he burnt the Holy Koran,” district police chief Asif Bahadur said.


The identity and religion of the accused man have not been revealed yet by police, Bahadur said, but they described him as “mentally impaired”. Fascinatingly, the authorities seem more concerned with the man who burned the book than the thousands of men who burned their police station. “The motive behind burning the copy of the Holy Quran is still unknown but we are investigating.” Police were forced to move the man to another district, thwarting the mob’s attempts to lynch him. No officers were harmed, but Pakistani military units were deployed to restore order. When the accused is brought to trial he will face a possible death penalty under the Muslim nation’s sharia jurisprudence, that is… if the mob doesn’t kill him first.

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