Democrat Squad Member Gets Fact Checked, It Doesn't Go Well

Democrat Squad Member Gets Fact Checked, It Doesn’t Go Well

A Democrat member of “The Squad” is under fire over her insane comments about Afghanistan and her obvious hatred of the United States.

Michigan Democrat Representative Rashida Tlaib has been receiving a lot of backlash after she tweeted a false claim about the United States supporting the Taliban. Her obvious hatred of the U.S. combined with her ignorance of history made for an easy fact check.

As a Democrat, and especially as a member of “The Squad,” it’s almost a requirement to be ignorant of history. From their love of socialism despite its historically terrible consequences to the insane belief in the theory of cultural relativism, the left has made fools out of themselves time and time again. This situation is no different.

In a tweet on August 15th following the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, Tlaib blamed the disaster in Afghanistan on “failed U.S. policy going back to the 1980s when we backed the Taliban against the Soviets.”

While making her insane comments, Tlaib shared a tweet from The Associated Press, which read:

“’I see people crying, they are not sure whether their flight will happen.’ The chop of U.S. military helicopters whisking American diplomats to Kabul’s airport punctuated a rush by thousands of others to flee, as the Taliban reached Afghanistan’s capital.”

Responding to the AP’s tweet, Tlaib wrote:

“If we don’t start putting everyday people first, no matter what country they’re born in, this will keep happening.

Let’s start by opening our country to shelter refugees fleeing the consequences of our actions…

That’s what this is: the horrible consequences of endless war and failed US policy going back to the 1980s when we backed the Taliban against the Soviets. Innocent people suffer the horrors of war while political leaders and arms-dealing corporations sit back and make billions.”

The Democrat congresswoman was immediately inundated with responses to her false claims, with many Twitter users asking Tlaib to actually educate herself about history. The Taliban did not even exist until the 90s.

Some members of the Mujahideen, who the U.S. had supported in their efforts to fight back against the Soviet invasion, broke off from the group to form the Taliban in 1994. But, the U.S. did not support the Taliban.

One Twitter user pointed this out in a response to the Squad member’s tweet, writing: “Google is your friend, try using it next time!” and sharing a screenshot of a Google search indicating that the Taliban was formed in September of 1994 in Kandahar, Afghanistan, long after the U.S. supported Afghan fighters in the 1980s.

Another Twitter user made a similar point, writing: “I cannot understand why you brought the Soviets into this. Also the U.S. didn’t back the Taliban in the 1980’s. It didn’t exist then. They backed Afghanis who were fighting the Soviets. Some of those fighters later became Taliban.”

Tlaib has not yet issued a correction to her tweet, and likely never will. Being a Democrat means never having to say you’re sorry, or tell the truth.

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