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VIDEO: Creepy Joe Biden Caught Breaking His Own Rules

Creepy Joe Biden is caught in the act again. In a video posted to Twitter on April 6, Biden is seen making yet another woman uncomfortable with his lack of respect for personal space.

In the video, Biden can be heard telling a woman to social distance while bending over to put his face only inches away from hers.

While addressing a small crowd, the former vice president thought the best course of action in discussing the importance of masks, hand washing, and social distancing was to get in the face of one of his supporters.


Biden told the woman to “keep wearing a mask,” as he touched his own mask and leaned in. Then, as he intruded into her personal space, he went on to say that people ought to “wash the hands and socially distance.” He immediately admitted jokingly, “Which I’m not doing,” as he backed away into his own space.

As Patriot Project pointed out, “Onlookers nervously laughed off-camera as yet another indication that the emperor is wearing no clothes sailed carelessly by.”

Republican strategist Arthur Schwartz shared the clip on Twitter, writing: “Biden leans inches from someone’s face and tells them to socially distance.”

The Bottom Line

There’s a reason many people call him Creepy Joe. Even before the COVID pandemic, Biden was making women uncomfortable with his lack of respect for personal space. There are countless video montages of the former vice president sniffing women’s hair, grabbing little girls, and getting uncomfortably close to people. Of course, because he’s a Democrat, he is never going to face any real consequences for these actions, even during a pandemic.

creepy joe

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