Democrat Flips on Harris, Hammers Her

Democrat Flips on Harris, Hammers Her

One Democrat representative has flipped on Kamala Harris, calling her out for her “politically safe” decision to travel to El Paso, Texas, to visit the border.

Visiting the Border

Kamala Harris was tapped by Joe Biden to be the point-person on the border crisis, yet it took her over 90 days to even visit the border. When she finally decided to go, she chose the most ‘politically safe’ place to go, El Paso, far away from the problem.


According to reporting from Politico, “part of the reason” that Harris chose this area to visit is “because El Paso is in less of a crisis than other areas.”

Even a writer for the left-wing Washington Post pointed out how politically safe Harris’ decision was, writing: “Why would Harris choose to visit El Paso over other areas of the border, like RGV or Arizona? In El Paso, she can be hosted by Rep. Veronica Escobar, who has been reliably supportive. In RGV, Laredo, AZ, Dem lawmakers have been critical of Biden admin, want more enforcement.”

Instead of actually surveying the damage caused by the Biden administration’s border policies, Harris went to El Paso for a photo op.

“Harris didn’t even go to the actual border. She visited a Border Patrol station about nine miles from the Rio Grande, talked to some immigration activists and legal service providers, posed for press photos back at the airport, and departed for Los Angeles before 1 p.m.,” the New York Post reported.

Calling Kamala Out

Republicans have been calling Kamala Harris out for months for not performing her duties as “border czar,” but no one expected a Democrat to agree.


In an interview with Fox News, Texas Democrat Rep. Henry Cuellar, whose district is in the Rio Grande Valley Sector, said that Harris’ decision was politically motivated.

When asked why the Biden administration has waited so long to actually visit the border, Cuellar said: “I have no idea, but I’m sure her planners told her that if you’re going to go down to the border, go to a, something that’s safer to go to that is politically safer. If you go down to the lower Rio Grande with the high activity and you’re there with kids and families, prosecutorial discretion, where people are being released, high numbers of people crossing the border, you know, politically that’s — it’s harder to do that, I know that.”

“I mean, that’s part of my district, but you got to do what you got to do,” he added. “You just can’t, you know, just go to one place, but she does do the ‘check the box and go down to the border’ by going to El Paso.”

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