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United Airlines Accused of “Disdain for People of Faith” After Threatening Religious Employees

United Airlines CEO, Scott Kirby, is in hot water after a threatening memo to employees has been leaked. United is now being. accused by a judge for harboring a “disdain for people of faith.” Over 2,000 workers of the Airline have joined in a class-action lawsuit against their employer.

Kirby’s memo read, “Any pilot, or any employee that all of the sudden decides, ‘I’m really religious,’ you’re putting your job on the line.” the CEO continued with a warning: “You better be very careful about that.”


United Airlines Employees Fight Back

Many of the airline’s workers were fired or forced into unpaid leave after filing a religious exemption request from the vaccination mandates implemented by the company. Due to the Airline’s actions the Airline Employees for Health Freedom (AE4HF), the group filing the lawsuit, claim that the company violated their statutory rights.

“We are standing for our religious freedom and our medical autonomy, and we believe we are entitled to the protections under Title VII,” said Sherry Walker, a captain for United Airlines and co-founder of AE4HF.

Since the federal government gave Airlines, like United, over $74 billion to keep them afloat during the pandemic members of congress have taken an interest in the case. Because of the money, congress can access how the companies have used the funds and record the number of complaints.

The Senate Oversight Committee has gotten wind of the employee’s predicament causing United Airlines to be caught in the crosshairs of many irate lawmakers. Texas Senator Ted Cruz in particular.

“This morning I spoke with a 10-year flight attendant for United,” Cruz said. “She is a Hispanic single mom from Texas who you fired. She received her termination notice tied to the trash can through her front gate.”

United is doing more than just unpaid leave, Walker accuses the Airline of prohibiting employees from seeking outside employment and refusing them access to their savings and 401K accounts.

According to CBN News, AE4HF’s case now rests with the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. If the workers win on merit and receive a preliminary injunction, United would have to restore their employment or give them paid leave.

“United has demonstrated a quote, ‘calloused approach to and apparent disdain for people of faith’,” said Cruz, quoting the 5th Circuit of Appeals Judge James Ho

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