Nurses Fired Over Religious Exemption

In a pandemic, firing front-line workers, such as nurses, is the first thing we should do. That is what our elites would have us believe as they fire front-line workers who refuse to be vaccinated. In Illinois, nurses are fighting back by suing the health care system they work for. The lawsuit is over the facility’s denial of religious exemptions.

Those who would have us live in fear want to have their cake and eat it too. On one hand, we are living in a pandemic, a state of fear has been implemented by our Media, Politicians, and Corporations. On the other hand, they want us to believe we can sacrifice the amount of front-line workers needed to battle said pandemic.


We either must live in fear of death because of this viral killer, or it isn’t as bad as we are lead to believe. The truth is one of those, but it cannot be both. The Nurses at Riverside Healthcare in Kankakee, Illinois are calling the bluff of their administrators, and we need more nurses like them.

What is the Real Battle These Nurses Fight?

These Nurses claim that the health care system they work for has denied religious exemptions to vaccine mandates in direct violation of the Illinois Health Care Right of Conscience Act.

These Nurses were heroes last year. They worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic before a vaccine was available, yet now they cannot be around their patients? Daniel Suhr, managing attorney at the Liberty Justice Center, represents these nurses and had similar arguments against the treatment of front-line workers.

“And now, 20 months into the pandemic, Riverside Healthcare is showing them the door unless they violate their religious beliefs and their conscience. This is a ruthless overreach aimed at coercing front-line workers to do something they sincerely believe is wrong. These nurses know the virus better than anyone and are making a deeply personal, individual choice that should be respected. Not only is that the right thing to do, but it’s Illinois law.”

It’s About Compliance

Those seeking submission to the vaccine mandates are attacking the right to religious exemption. The Vaccine has become an idol, Dr. Fauci its Pope, and anyone pushing the worship of Vaccination their saints. Anything that would cause the individual to think or question must be destroyed.

The Christian religion, when practiced correctly, is one of critical thought and questioning public teaching. Even Paul rejoiced when churches questioned his teachings by checking his words against the gospel itself. But we no longer live in a society where it is safe to question or think for ourselves. We must comply, for the greater good, or else. Such tyranny will not cease unless more are willing to stand against it.

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