Biden COVID Adviser Can’t Explain Why the Science isn’t Adding Up to Benefit Dems

The new Palace COVID Adviser got tongue tied on TV when he tried to explain how come California is still on total Gestapo lockdown when their numbers aren’t that much different from free-wheeling Florida. Even Democrats are complaining that the numbers don’t add up, because it destroys their narrative and calls the junk science into question. The bottom line is you don’t need to understand it, just quietly submit to galactic domination.

COVID beyond ‘explanation’

You don’t need to know the science behind the social distancing and quarantine lockdowns, just obey. When Imperial Leader Biden’s new COVID Czar, Andy Slavitt, sat down for an interview with liberal reporters he had no idea why the numbers for California and Florida are so close, considering their totally opposite approaches.

When cornered about it, Slavitt babbled “there’s so much of this virus that we think we understand that we think we can predict, that’s just beyond, a little bit beyond our explanation.”


In other words, he doesn’t have a clue how COVID really works. California is basically in lockdown. Frustrated families are wondering why when their counterparts in Florida are free as birds. All Slavitt can come up with is the equivalent of “Darn it Jim, I’m only a doctor.”

Look, he keeps saying, “there’s so much of this virus that we think we understand that we think we can predict, that’s just beyond, a little bit beyond our explanation, but we do know is that the more careful people are, the more they mask and social distance, and the quicker we vaccinate, the quicker it goes away and the less it spreads.”

It does that in Florida anyway. Slavitt didn’t want to dwell on that so he changed the subject to mutants. The reason everyone needs to stay locked away from schools, restaurants and churches is “to get better visibility into variants. We don’t know what role they play.” Biden’s new crop of experts don’t seem to know much about COVID.

“But you know, this is all we have learned by this time, this is a virus that continues to surprise us. It’s very hard to predict. And you know, all around the country, we’ve got to continue to do a better job. And I think, I think we are but we’re not done yet.” Whatever that’s supposed to mean. A better job at doing not much? Like Florida?

The natives getting restless

People are tired of the COVID madness. As Slavitt notes, “They want to send their kids back to school, they want to go back to work. They don’t want to lose their businesses. And they’re saying they simply aren’t getting clear guidance.”

He wished he could give them some. The past year, he admits, has been grueling. Everyone kept hearing “just around the corner.”

“That is fatiguing, because people feel like okay, maybe I can hold out for another week or another week or what have you. I think what President Biden is communicating is, it’s still a marathon.”

COVID will be with us as long as the globalists at Open Societies Foundations HQ want it to be with us. Since we’re stuck with it, the next step is to get everyone paid.

“Number one, we need Congress to pass the American rescue plan,” Slavitt insists. “We can’t get through this and Americans can’t get through this without the support of their country.”

COVID isn’t a whole lot worse than the normal flu but we need to close the economy and steal the money from our grandkids. “That’s what people pay taxes for. This is why people are here. And we need to demand Congress act.”

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