Iconic Superstar Breaks Covid Isolation For Livestream Debut

Punxsutawney Phil The Groundhog has been a superstar in Pennsylvania for as long as people have lived in the region. Traditions are important and it’s also important that they change with the times. This year, Phil’s going global.

The Groundhog superstar

Last year, the big debate was whether or not a robot replacement would be better to give the annual weather report. After all, a mechanical stunt double for PxPhil would give the superstar a break from rough handling.

This year, everyone and everything, no matter what species you are, is under covid-quarantine. Phil knows the show must go on, and so does the PA tourism department. So, this year, Punxsutawney Phil’s adoring fans can watch him go live from Gobblers Knob, virtually, for everyone’s protection.


The big day has been carved in stone as February 2 since around 1850. This year it falls on a Tuesday. Putting a smiley face on their N-95’s, the Pennsylvania Tourism department re-branded as “Holi-Stay PA.”

You may still have friends in Pennsylvania but for God’s sake, don’t go visit them. Stay home and watch from the comfort of the laptop on the coffee table. They came up with a bunch of great ways to interact with the overweight rodent superstar. He’s protected too, and doesn’t even need a double.

The Pennsylvania Tourism Office perkily declared they’re “sharing a number of different options for viewers to participate in Groundhog Day celebrations.” Nobody will be left out and the Superstar will still have his entourage.

“This year, Punxsutawney Phil and his Inner Circle are keeping his faithful followers safe by foregoing the in-person celebration at Gobbler’s Knob, but viewers can still virtually attend and celebrate with their own at-home festivities.”

Celebrate in new and creative ways

“The purpose of Holi-Stay PA is to help Pennsylvanians and those around the globe celebrate the holidays in new and creative ways, while prioritizing health and safety,” Carrie Lepore explains.

Their superstar groundhog will not be censored. “Whether you’re hoping for six more weeks of winter fun or an early spring, we could all use some extra happiness this year.”

This year’s festivities will be a lot more interesting than watching candles dry back in the 1800’s. The superstar makes his appearance at dawn with “a live stream of Phil’s prediction beginning at 6:30 a.m.”

Also there will be “a number of DIY and virtual activities” like “festive at-home crafts and recipes including the official Groundhog Cookie.”

Once a year, the superstar groundhog gets dragged from his nice warm bed. He lives in “a climate controlled condo at the library.”

Normally, about 25,000 people a year go up the hill in the middle of the night to find out if they are still sober enough at dawn to find out if he saw his shadow or not.

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