Pfizer Whistleblower Exposes Disgusting Truth About The Jab

A whistleblower has come forward to expose the questionable practices of Pfizer in the creation of their vaccine.  Project Veritas interviewed Melissa Strickler, a Quality Auditor for the Pfizer company. Ms. Strickler spoke of emails, and experiences had while working for the company, that compelled her to come forward.

Whistleblower Exposes Human Fetal Tissue as Ingredient in Pfizer Vaccine

Emails between Vanessa Gelman, the Senior Director of Worldwide Research, and Philip Domitzer, the Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer Knew that Fetal Tissue was used in the creation of the vaccine.

The emails also state that the public stays uninformed due to the “misuse of information,” and Pfizer is now lobbying for underage children to be mandated the vaccination.  According to Ms. Strickler, the company also refuses religious exemption of its employees from taking the vaccine.

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The Pfizer Whistleblower Raises the Stakes for the Pro-Life Movement

This new information has many implications, but non-more than the fight for life and Religious Liberty.

In 2020 headlines were full of Planned Parenthood’s disgusting selling of the desiccated remains of human babies. The reading public guessed at who bought such material, but now we know.

The hypocrisy of many influencers and activists is now exposed because those who fight against animal cruelty and vegan production for most medical and cosmetic products remain silent. Not an eye blinks over the news that human infants, babies, are murdered for the sake of science.

The Fight for Western Civilization

The fact that Pfizer knew this is troubling. More so is their refusal of religious exemptions for its employees. Big Pharma is working tirelessly to inhibit any refusal on the part of the public for taking the jab. Those in the media, and our political elite, now are openly questioning the sincerity of religious exemptions. This is as Americans use their Religious Liberty to fight against Vaccine mandates.

The question now is what will the populace does with such information? Do we stand and fight, or do we remain silent and comfortable as America, and Western civilization, fall?


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