Trump UNLOADS On Cheney

While speaking at a recent campaign rally for Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney’s primary opponent in Casper, former President Donald Trump had a few harsh words for Cheney and her family.

Previously, Trump had provided his endorsement for Cheney’s opponent, Harriet Hageman for the August 16 Wyoming Republican primary. 

“The Cheneys are diehard globalists and warmongers who have been plunging us into new conflicts for decades, spilling American blood and spending American treasure all over the world,” Trump commented.

“That’s why Liz Cheney voted no on bringing our troops back home from Syria, where they didn’t even want to have us,” he continued. “Cheney is at the front of the parade trying to get us to go into wars with Russia or anyone else that wants to bite.”

Trump also made sure to display a meme of Cheney with the face of former President George W. Bush during the rally.

“She’s the face of the Washington swamp and the same failed foreign policy of the Clintons, Bushes, the Obamas, the Bidens and the entire sick political establishment,” Trump asserted.

Arguably, Cheney has been one of the most vocal critics of Trump within the Republican Party, as she had previously voted to impeach him following the January 6 Capitol protest as well as serving on the House committee that investigated the protest.

In 2021, the Wyoming Republican Party voted to cease recognition of Cheney as a member of the party due to her intense opposition to Trump. In fact, nationally, she was removed from her role as conference chair by House Republicans.

During a video address, Cheney formally announced her reelection campaign.

“Some things have to matter,” Cheney stated in the video. “American freedom, the rule of law, our founding principles, the foundations of our republic matter. What we do in this election in Wyoming matters.”

“I’m asking for your vote because this is a fight we must win,” she continued.

A poll conducted by the Club for Growth PAC revealed that Hageman is leading Cheney by about 30 points among likely Wyoming Republican primary voters.

The Wyoming Republican primary will occur August 16.


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