Independent Study Makes Shocking Announcement About the Product Everyone is Using

An independent study has revealed that a product millions of people relied upon throughout the  COVID panic to protect their health could’ve been harming them instead. According to a study by Valisure, an independent pharmaceutical lab which tests drugs and health products for quality, they tested some 260 Hand Sanitizer products and found elevated levels of benzene in more than 20 of them. CBS News reports that “Benzene is a known human carcinogen, and exposure to it is known to cause blood disorders, including leukemia.”

Purell the most common brand in the US did not show any detectable levels benzene. Valisure has reportedly launched a petition to the Food and Drug Administration to investigate and recall the products found to contain benzene. Most egregiously one of the hand sanitizers was specifically marketed toward children using licensed Disney images from Star Wars’ The Mandalorian.



“Consumer use of hand sanitizers has increased significantly during the coronavirus pandemic and while it is important that consumers have access to products that help ensure personal and public safety, it is of utmost importance that consumers have access to products that are safe and not contaminated,” said David Light, founder and chief executive officer of Valisure.

“The detection of hand sanitizer products that contain high levels of benzene is cause for significant concern as these products are potentially being used in high volumes several times daily,” said Light, “We urge FDA and manufacturers to act expeditiously to remove the contaminated lots from the market. It is also important for consumers to understand that uncontaminated hand sanitizer products are available and should continue to be used.”

Shocking Product List Containing Cancer-causing Benzene

Here is the listing of product found to contain more than 2 parts per million of benzene from the Valisure petition to the FDA. 42% of the contaminated products were manufactured in China.

1. Artnaturals

2. Scentsational Soaps & Candles Inc.

3. Huangjisoo

4. TrueWash

5. The Creme Shop

6. Star Wars Mandalorian

7. Body Prescriptions

8. Born Basic

9. Beauty Concepts

10. PureLogic

11. Miami Carry On

12. Natural Wunderz

13. clean-protect-sanitize

14. Puretize

15. Hand Clean 100

Below: The full chart from the Valisure FDA petition with UPC Codes, lot numbers and expiration dates. Please check your hand sanitizer and make sure you aren’t exposing yourself or your children to these carcinogens!



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