Devin Nunes Bombshell

Devin Nunes Bombshell

On a recent edition of his podcast, California Republican Representative Devin Nunes spoke with Breitbart News Editor in Chief Alex Marlow about his new book, Breaking the News: Exposing the Establishment Media’s Hidden Deals and Secret Corruption.

During the podcast, Nunes praised Marlow for exposing the mainstream media‘s “criminality” and “defamation,” and told him that he would urge his colleagues to read the book.

“I highly recommend this to all my colleagues,” the California representative said. “In fact, if I’m going talk to a lot of them about your book because you really put everything that all of us have experienced over the last five years, you put it into one definitive piece that really highlights the criminality — and I say that it really is criminal and against the law — what these media outlets have been doing. It’s every day, massive levels of defamation, and you really call them out.”


Nunes then took his comments even further, stating that Republicans actually undermine legitimate news outlets by engaging with and speaking to the corrupt leftist media.

The California representative went on to say:

“Not only do we not need [leftist news media], any time you actually do interviews with that 95 percent [of news media that are left-wing], you’re taking away viewers from watching [real reporting], whether it’s my podcast, or your radio show that you have in the morning, or a lot of the great videos that Breitbart does, or a whole host of other people.

It’s just completely asinine that any Republicans talk to these news media outlets. It’s kind of funny. I’ll kind of corner them, and they kind of smirk or kind of chuckle about it, but it’s not a joke. You’re really aiding the enemy.

Under no circumstance should you ever be talking to the Russia pee tape hoaxers. No Republican — anybody who was, who was caught up in that — should never talk to one of those damn reporters ever.”

Marlow agreed with Devin Nunes’ statements, noting that mainstream media outlets present left-wing political propaganda as news, and questioning whether these actions should be considered political donations.

“I think [these] are clear soft money contributions that these news outlets are making,” he said. “It’s very clear. The people funding these outlets are funding the Democrat candidates, and it’s just an amazing thing that they figured out a way to have unlimited earned media for their chosen candidates.”

“That’s what we’re talking about with oligopolies,” Marlow added. “These news outlets are owned by these major conglomerates. Their boards are filled with these big corporate globalists, and it’s just the sort of thing that I don’t think is sustainable in this country.”

Devin Nunes went on to promote Marlow’s book to his listeners, stating: “I highly recommend it. [Marlow] has been with Breitbart since the beginning, was a friend of Andrew Breitbart’s, and he gets into some of that history in the book. But what’s really great about this book is he goes through and completely destroys — and I think with a funny way — the fake news over the last several years.”

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