Main Stream Media Looking at HEAVY LOSSES, The Amount of Revenue Lost Will Be Staggering

In an announcement that dropped the floor from under mainstream media newsrooms across the country, the Republican National Committee has claimed they “may not participate in future network television debates following their calls on the Commission on Presidential Debates to make significant changes.” according to OANN. RNC Chair Ronna (Romney) McDaniel took the Commission to task hard, fast, and with no mercy from the Michigan party boss.

Chairwoman McDaniel called out the massive inconsistencies the GOP has seen from the so-called “non-partisan” commission. She continued,

“Additionally, the CPD undermined the conditions for a fair debate last year:

→ CPD selected a moderator that previously worked for Biden

→ 6 of the 10 CPD board members made anti-Trump comments

→ Switched second debate to a “virtual” format”

In her letter to Co-Chairs Frank J. Fahrenkoph, Jr. and Kenneth Wollack of the Commission on Presidential Debate made some extremely harsh “recommendations” with the heavy implication that their debates will no longer take place at all. The recommendations included (but aren’t limited to):

  • “Enact a code of conduct which prohibits CPD Officers, directors, and staff from making public comments supporting or opposing any candidate, or otherwise engaging in partisan political activity in connection with the presidential election;
  • Enforce meaningful consequences for violating such rules, up to and including removal from the Board of Directors;
  • Commit to hosting at least one debate prior to the start of early voting in any state, and in no case after the deadline for states to mail absentee ballots to uniformed and overseas voters (45 days before the general election);
  • Establish transparent criteria for selection moderators, disqualifying individuals from consideration who have an appearance of bias due to personal, professional, or partisan factors;
  • Enact a transparent code of conduct for moderators, to include guidelines for appropriate interactions with the candidates during the debates; and
  • Impose penalties for violating such guidelines, to include suspending their employer network from participating in future debates.”

Then Chairwoman McDaniel dropped the bomb.

“If not, the RNC will have no choice but to advise future Republican candidates against participating in CPD-hosted debates and the RNC will look for other options for its candidates to debate the issues before the American people in a neutral and nonpartisan forum,” she wrote.

The Main Stream Media CATASTROPHE in the Making

As 2021 and the first year of the Biden-Harris regime unfolds the new insistence from the RNC that their days of bowing to the CPD are over couldn’t come at a worse time for the media. Ratings of the major cable news networks have been in freefall since Jan. 6th with Deadline reporting, “In primetime, Fox News averaged 2.17 million viewers, down 37% from the same period a year earlier; MSNBC posted 1.49 million, down 22%; and CNN drew 913,000, down 45%. In the 25-54 demo, Fox News had 345,000, down 38%, followed by CNN with 218,000, down 53%, and MSNBC with 199,000, falling 32%”

Should Ronna McDaniel make good on her threat (the CPD is certain not to cave, the Democrats will never allow it), the universe of political journalism and commentary is set to implode. And the outlets that will survive and thrive in that environment are? “Conservative”, “Alternate” and local news outlets.

The day of CNN, MSNBC, ABC and yes, even the once venerated Fox News are absolutely numbered if the RNC decides to do what Citizens United President David Bossie suggested to OANN, and shift the GOP Primary debates off of network television entirely and they walk away from the Commission’s debates as well. As he said, “we don’t want bad actors to infiltrate our debate process.” The Mainstream media have indisputably proven themselves, bad actors, throughout the Trump administration and well before it. The media may never recover from this blow…. and they shouldn’t


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