Government Fought to HIDE This SHOCKING Data on COVID Vaccine Injuries

Several hundred-thousand Americans were forced to seek medical help after they received a COVID-19 “vaccine,” according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) data that was finally released on Oct. 3 after a lengthy legal battle.

Approximately 782,900 people sought medical attention or were rushed to emergency rooms, and/or required hospitalization after undergoing “vaccination” for COVID-19, The Epoch Times reported.

An additional 2.5 million people missed out on school, work, or personal life as a result of a medical incident after obtaining a COVID-19 injection.

Reports of these issues were made to the CDC’s V-safe program, a new vaccine safety monitoring system to to which users can report issues via a mobile phone app.

Dr. Simone Gold tweeted the shocking information writing, “After the CDC objected, ICAN won a lawsuit which compelled the CDC to turn over V-SAFE Covid vaccine injury data. The data is shocking. It shows: —7.7% required medical care after vaccination —25% had serious side effects.”

The CDC released the information to the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) after being subjected to legal action for not producing the information when it was requested by the not-for-profit. ICAN uploaded a dashboard summarizing the information.

“It took numerous legal demands, appeals, and two lawsuits, and over a year, but the CDC finally capitulated and agreed to a court order requiring them to do what they should have done from day one, release the V-safe data to the public,” Aaron Siri, a lawyer representing ICAN in the case, told The Epoch Times in an email.

Approximately 10 million Americans used V-safe throughout the time period the data covers: Dec. 14, 2020, to July 31, 2022. About 231 million Americans obtained a minimum of one dose of the COVID “vaccine” during that time.

The V-safe patients reported about 71 million symptoms.

The most typically reported symptoms were chills (3.5 million), swelling (3.6 million), joint discomfort (4 million), muscle mass or body pains (7.8 million), migraine (9.7 million), exhaustion (12.7 million), and also general discomfort (19.5 million) according to The Epoch Times.

Around 4.2 million of the symptoms were of serious intensity.

Users of V-safe completed data for about 13,000 children younger than 2 years old, reporting greater than 33,000 symptoms, consisting of discomfort, loss of appetite, as well as impatience.

The information created so far by the CDC does not include free-text responses, according to ICAN. The data covered fields where users checked boxes.

ICAN, founded by film producer Del Bigtree, stated that the recently released information “reveals shocking information that should have caused the CDC to immediately shut down its COVID-19 vaccine program,”  citing the portion of individuals who reported requiring to get care or missing college, work, or various other typical tasks, in addition to the reported unfavorable occasions.

CDC researchers had offered summaries of the V-safe data during conferences with the organization’s vaccine advisory panel yet had not released the data for external researchers to evaluate. CDC scientists have actually claimed that V-safe indicated no new safety issues.

ICAN is going to keep pressing to get more of the V-safe data.

United States District Court Judge Robert Pitman, an Obama appointee supervising the litigation, ordered the parties to meet up and discuss what other information the group will look for regarding the CDC production of the data.

Pitman told the Epoch Times that the parties will file a joint status report “that proposes any additional deadlines that the parties determine are necessary for the resolution of this matter.”

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