The Results Are in: They Think Biden is WEAK

According to an Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll, the vast majority of the Americans feel that Joe Biden has been “not tough enough” on Russia after its decision to invade Ukraine.

Roughly fifty-four percent of the American population believe that Biden’s handling of the Russian invasion has been far too weak, meanwhile another thirty-six percent of Americans have backed the president’s approach, and finally only eight percent say that Biden has been far too harsh. Republican lawmakers have been starting to push for the U.S. to provide additional intelligence and security assistance to Ukraine as President Putin’s war continues into a third consecutive month.

Following the start of Russia’s incursion on February 24, Biden has only chosen to navigate the idea of U.S. involvement in the war in the face of a threat of nuclear escalation. Meanwhile, his administration has since banned imports of Russian oil and gas as well as levied crippling economic sanctions in tandem with delivering billions of dollars in security assistance to Ukraine. Additionally, the U.S. military transferred over 15,000 troops overseas to reinforce NATO countries, despite Biden’s promise to not get the United States involved in the war.

Efforts have been made difficult by Biden’s public statements, as some of them have provoked Russia, more specifically when Biden called for a regime change, stating that Putin “cannot remain in power”, which was later walked back by his staff.

However, strangely, in the face of the invasion, the U.S. cooperated with Russia to negotiate a new Iran nuclear deal, which the Washington Free Beacon reported could provide several of Russia’s state-owned nuclear companies with billions and waiving imposed sanctions so Iran’s nuclear infrastructure can be built up.


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