World Famous Comic EXECUTED

Video has emerged from the violent overthrow of Afghanistan which shows that Nazar Mohammad, better known as Khasha Zwan, a world-renowned comic on TikTok was brutally executed by Taliban forces. The comedian went to his end with courage, continuing to lob the same hilariously vicious insults at his captors that earned him the Taliban’s ire. Human rights watch reported that Nazar was executed in July following the fall of Khandahar. According to sources within Afghanistan, he was a member of his local police force in addition to his comedy stylings.

The much-beloved comedian was captured, bound, and placed in a vehicle with Kalashnikov armed Taliban fighters, who goaded and slapped him, all the while he continued to insult them and the Taliban. Nazar was then shot multiple times, his throat was cut and he was hung from a tree.

The Taliban initially denied responsibility for Nazar’s death only to later reverse their positions upon release of the video and claim that the two men were indeed Taliban fighters who have been arrested and will stand trial.

The Taliban Claims To Have Arrested Executors of The Famous Comic

According to The Daily Mail, the Taliban tried to flip the script, alleging that Nazar was responsible for the torture and death of Taliban members.

“The group alleged that Nazar, from the Kandahar province, was involved in the torture and killing of Taliban – adding that he should have faced a Taliban court instead of being immediately put to death.

Nazar previously worked for the Afghan National Police – making him a target for revenge killings – and was known for his crude jokes and funny songs.

He would regularly make fun of topics suggested by his followers – with the Taliban being no exception.”

Nazar is survived by his wife and daughters. He is just one of the more prominent of untold hundreds of Afghans who have been murdered in a spate of revenge killings by the Islamofascists.

U.S. Chargé d’Affaires Ross Wilson tweeted,

“Nazar “Khasha” Mohammad was a beloved comedian, bringing laughter & joy to his community even in dark times. The Taliban kidnapped & lynched him, then gleefully published video evidence on Twitter. We condemn these sickening actions & the Taliban leadership should too.”

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