Mike Pence Lurks from the Shadows, Makes Announcement in Attempt to Save Face

Former Vice President Mike Pence finally stepped out of the shadows he’s been lurking in to hit Kamala Harris between the eyes with a hammer. Twitter hasn’t yanked his social media privileges yet so he posted a scathing rebuke of the way Harris is shirking her responsibility as alleged border “Czarina.”

Pence back in action

You really can’t blame the former VP for laying low in the aftermath of the January 6 Barbarian Invasion. The whole thing was a setup which caught both Trump and Pence in a web of Deep State deceit and traitorous political intrigue. In reality, he barely survived the carefully engineered character assassination attempt cooked up by some really spooky players. Contrary to popular misconception, the former vice president did exactly as he was supposed to while presiding over the hearing in the Capitol that day.

He never had the magic powers to overturn the election promised by “QAnon.” Every day, more and more evidence surfaces that it’s really the FBI behind that Guy Fawkes mask. Lin Wood and Sidney Powell are either both living in some kind of hippy-dippy acid trip fantasy land, are both complete and total morons, or else were intentionally out to do in Donald Trump. It worked like a charm. He believed everything they told him and so did Rudy Giuliani. We all know what happened next.


Now that the dust has settled and the palace is occupied by open borders globalists installed by the New World Order to follow the instructions that they’re given, Mike Pence is pointing out that the last thing border Czarina Harris wants to do is visit the border.

She would have to actually look at the crying children dropped off at the border for Uncle Sam’s Kiddy-Kare and a chance to anchor down the chain migration to haul in the rest of the family. All it took were a few snapshots with a snappy caption to get under Kamala’s skin.

Pence tweeted off a few photos of “himself speaking with Customs and Border Patrol agents.” Along with them he tapped out, “Here’s what it looks like when a Vice President visits the Southern Border.”

In case she doesn’t realize the urgency, he adds, “It’s Time @VPHarris. It’s Time to Deal With the #BidenBorderCrisis!” Not the Trump border crisis but the Biden border crisis. Our new Imperial Leader Joe Biden gets all the credit for the unchecked invasion and occupation that’s going on right this very moment.

Even Latin America blames Biden

Roles have been reversed and now it’s Vice Empress Harris who’s lurking in the shadows. Mike Pence was relentless in his attacks on her, continuing the verbal abuse from the stage at a conference of religious conservatives held in Kissimmee, Florida.

Even though both “Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei have blamed the Biden administration and their weak stance on immigration for the border crisis,” Harris won’t show her face there. Worse, she has no explanation for why she’s ducking it. In Guatemala she gave “an interview in which she appeared to laugh off American’s concerns about border security.”

At the Faith & Freedom Coalition’s annual Road to Majority Conference, Pence took aim at Harris and pulled the trigger. It’s past time, he declared, “for our current vice president to go to the border, put our policies back into effect and end the Biden border crisis today.”

Four years of work down the tubes. “Literally, in five months they turned the most secure border in the world into the worst border crisis in American history.”

His comments echo remarks he made in South Carolina and New Hampshire. He’s also crystal clear that he remains behind Once and Future President Donald Trump all the way. It was “the greatest honor of my life” to serve as vice president alongside Trump,” Pence relates. “President Trump taught us what Republicans can accomplish when we stand firm on conservative principles and don’t back down.”

He’s not real happy with the blue team. “It’s amazing to think in 2020 Joe Biden actually campaigned as a moderate and he’s governed as one of the most liberal presidents in history. The Biden-Harris administration is intent on transforming our country along the agenda of the radical left. We don’t have to exchange the American dream for a socialist nightmare.”

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