Supreme Court Justice Trolls Dem Senator…Just Epic

Who said Supreme Court justices do not have a sense of humor?

Unless I am misunderstanding some comments made by Justice Alito, he just landed one heck of a shot against Senator Warren (D-MA).

Alito was discussing an affirmative action case when he landed the knockout punch.

I Was Told…

I am sure most of you remember the controversy over Senator Warren’s Native American bloodlines.

Justice Alito sure hasn’t because he seemed to reference it when he was doing arguments for an affirmative action case.

Alito was questioning Solicitor General Ryan Park on affirmative action admissions and how students try to benefit from this by making false claims about their heritage.

He wanted to know if someone could take advantage of that policy if “It’s family lore that we have an ancestor who was an American Indian.”

Park said that would not be accurate, so Alito further clarified.

He stated, “Well, I identify as an American Indian because I’ve always been told that some ancestor back in the old days was an American Indian.”

Park responded, “In that circumstance, it would be very unlikely that that person was telling the truth.”

Unknowingly, Park just accused Senator Warren of lying.

More importantly, Alito goes down as the greatest troll of all time for getting that worked into the records of the Supreme Court.

Source: Washington Examiner

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