Truck in Flames

Truck Flew Off of The Overpass Before Bursting into Flames

Anyone driving on US-75 near Allen, TX around 3 p.m. is thanking their lucky stars they are alive.

A horrifying collision led to one of the most spectacular and dangerous crashes I have ever seen, leaving one man dead.

A tractor-trailer was traveling on US-75 when it appeared to collide with another vehicle, sending the truck plummeting off the overpass in flames.

Horrible Death

As drivers were on the service road below the overpass, all they saw was the rig bursting in flames, plummeting onto the road…

The driver of the truck was killed in the accident.

He was later identified as Gustavo Gomez, 71.

The driver of the second vehicle was not injured.

Letters and packages could be seen on the highway after the crash.

It turns out, Gomez was a contract driver for the USPS.

Allen is about 30 minutes outside of Dallas.

Source: New York Post

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