WATCH: All the Moments Joe Biden Blamed Other People for Climbing Gas Prices

WATCH: All the Moments Joe Biden Blamed Other People for Climbing Gas Prices

Gas prices have almost doubled since Joe Biden took office. The national average price per gallon has skyrocketed from $2.39 in January of 2021 to $4.32 as of March 10th, 2022, according to AAA.

Joe Biden, the Democrats, and many of their allies in the mainstream media have responded to the crisis by pushing average Americans to stop complaining and buy an electric car like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) did.

Of course, the Democrat elites are so woefully out of touch that they don’t even realize how expensive electric cars are. Ocasio-Cortez’s Tesla Model 3 Long Range has a retail price of between $46,000 and $59,000. If the average American is struggling to afford paying $4/gallon for gas, how could they possibly afford an electric vehicle?

Joe Biden has repeatedly refused to accept any responsibility for the surge in gas prices, despite the Democrat Party’s consistent efforts to raise the price of oil in an attempt to promote subsidized “green” energy sources.

For example, in October of 2021, Democrats in Congress pressured energy executives to decrease the supply of oil in order to fight so-called climate change.

Biden, who promised to “work like the devil to bring gas prices down,” has blamed the rising cost of fuel on a variety of factors, including the COVID pandemic, the supply-chain crisis, price gouging by oil companies, OPEC’s refusal to increase oil production, and most recently, Vladimir Putin/Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The one thing that is missing from Biden’s long list of excuses for high gas prices is his administration’s policies, which have obviously been a major contributing factor to the energy crisis. Even Barack Obama’s former economic advisor, Steven Rattner, has called out Biden for his attempts to blame other people for his failures, stating: “This is Biden’s inflation and he needs to own it.”

Yet, Biden continues to pretend that all of this isn’t his fault and that everyone else has to fix his mess.

“Can’t do much right now,” Biden said earlier this week when responding to a reporter’s question about rising gas prices.

Watch this video compilation of all of this times that Joe Biden blamed someone else for rising gas prices:

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