Former President Donald Trump Has Some Big News

BREAKING: Former President Donald Trump Has Some Big News

Former President Donald Trump has some really big news: he is predicting that the recent court filings from Special Counsel John Durham are “just the beginning” of what’s to come.

In a discussion on Fox News, Donald Trump reacted to reports that Special Counsel John Durham had confirmed what many of us already knew: the Clinton campaign had paid to spy on the Trump campaign and link him to Russia.

Specifically, Durham had stated in his court filing that the former secretary of state’s campaign had paid a tech company to “infiltrate” servers belonging to Trump Tower and the Trump White House in order to establish a “narrative” linking Trump to Russia.

“It looks like this is just the beginning, because, if you read the filing and have any understanding of what took place, and I called this a long time ago, you’re going to see a lot of other things happening, having to do with what, really, just is a continuation of the crime of the century,” the former president told Fox News. “This is such a big event, nobody’s seen anything like this.”

Unsurprisingly, Trump said that he “didn’t have any” insight into the allegations mentioned in Durham’s February 11th filing until it was made available to the public. This makes sense, as Durham is known for running a tight, leak-free ship.

“Who would think a thing like this is even possible?” the former president asked. “Durham is also coming up with things far bigger than anybody thought possible—Nobody ever thought a thing like this would be even discussed, let alone an act like this committed.”

“This is treason at the highest level,” Trump added.

“You have experts that do this, but they used experts to do it, and to think they could even think about doing that is not believable and, think—if they do it, foreign countries can do it,” he said, referring to the mining of data from servers. “What kind of a security system do we have?”

“This is as bad as it gets,” Trump continued. “They got caught and they’re trying to figure out what to say to dim it a little bit.”

The revelations about the Clinton campaign’s spying were made public in a court filing centering around potential conflicts of interest in relation to the representation of former Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussman, who has been charged with lying to the FBI.

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