Mainstream Media Shunned Supermodel Fashion, Instead Fawning Over Clown Jill Biden

The mainstream media is at it again. For five years they splashed their disdain for a super model First Lady across their headlines. Now that “Doctor” Jill Biden is supposedly the First Lady, they are fawning over her fashion and the contradiction in physical fitness and style could not be more polar opposites.

Fashion Is Back In Style At The White House

First Lady Jill Biden did not make a formal speech at the President Inauguration. She didn’t have to make so much as even a statement. The First Lady donned an ivory coat and dress with embroidery reflecting all of the State flowers of the United States, its territories and the District of Columbia. The fashion of unity needs no words.

Her spokesperson told the press pool it was an intentional gesture signaling the importance of national unity. What in fact somebody should have told the First Lady was that she looked like a sat on Christmas present. Did she buy those fashion gloves from the OJ Simpson collection?


The very same fake news media that has shelled out fashion tips to a super model, suddenly realizes that the ‘new’ First Lady is the epitomy of glamor. Yes, these are the very same people that gushed over how exquisite Hillary Clinton’s pant suits were. The same pant suits that came out of Kim Jong Un’s closet.

It’s 2021 and fashion is back on the front pages of magazines and all over the mainstream press. You would have to believe that if Jill Biden’s sophisticated glamor were a vaccine and Melania Trump’s wardrobe were a virus, it would kill it faster than the fake news kills a negative story on a Democrat.


The Hypocrisy Never Ends

Mainstream media, Universities and print publications will always chastise, bully and mock anything that a conservative wears. The double standard for fashion is honestly apprehensible.

Not since Jackie O was living in the White House had the World seen true elegance and style. First Lady Melania Trump used her modeling career to dictate her fashion in formal gatherings on the World stage as well as around the White House doing gardening.

Going back to when Michelle Obama was First Lady, the magazine covers could not get enough of her. Michelle’s huge back, long legs and stylish hair couldn’t be photoshopped to fashion perfection enough.

The fake news couldn’t wait to rip into Melania Trump over redoing the White House Garden. “She’s wrecked it for eternity!” they screamed. The irony is that Melania Trump replicated to the inch, the White House Garden that Jackie O had designed. Mainstream media doesn’t care about fashion or design, they care about eyeballs, clicks and money.

It’s a thought provoking idea of how many First Lady Biden outfits will be knocked off in China, sold on Wish or Amazon and be praised by the fashion gurus on Instagram. Do you think that Jill Biden or Sleepy Joe will get a kick back from those fashion sales? Of course they will and Hunter Biden will probably have a modeling agency soon.


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