GOP Arizona Candidate Gets Exposed: ‘Republican Party is Disgusting’ [WATCH]

Candidate for Arizona’s 9th Congressional District Alex Stovall has run into a campaign-ending problem… Apparently, he finds his own party to be “Disgusting”, and disagrees with some pretty fundamental America-First concepts, like the dubious outcome of the 2020 Election and efforts to restore Electoral integrity such as the Arizona Audit. Wait… it gets worse, this man doesn’t even seem to believe that a conservative can win in Arizona by being conservative. One of Stovall’s campaign staffers alerted th undercover reporters of Project Veritas and released damning audio and video footage that depicts the GOP candidate making statements that directly contradict his previous statements and the Republican platform.

 “You don’t win Arizona by being super right Republican. Have you ever played uh spades? Or yeah goldfish? You never show all your cards. Right? That’s why I’m gonna win. And other people probably won’t.

Yes I’m a conservative, yeah but I’m not going to beat on my big old monkey chest running around telling a whole bunch of people I am. First off it’s going to piss people off. It’s going to turn people off. And no one’s going to want to give you money. There are a lot of Independents here. Independents are what determine the vote. They want to vote for me just so they can say that they elected the youngest black republican in American history.”

According to a later explanation, Stovall claimed to be responding to GOP establishment types who informed him that the color of his skin would help get him elected. “Do you really think people care about policies?” he said.

Stovall took particular issue with the execution of the Arizona Senate’s audit of the Maricopa County 2020 Election, describing it as “bullcrap” and characterizing it as a money-making scheme.

“The Republican party is disgusting to me. The stuff that they’re doing should be criminal and they should all be thrown in prisons. Yes, yeah, the McCarthy’s, the Cawthorns the whole audit Bullcrap thing that they’re doing. It’s just another way for them to funnel money for the American people. Do you know how much money they’ve raised from this audit? Over 10 million dollars.”

Following the release of the Project Veritas report Stovall took to Twitter appearing to threaten Arizona GOP Chair Dr. Kelli Ward and conservative commentator Candace Owens.

The Fallout Grows As Candidate Stovall Is Exposed

Chair of the Arizona Republican Party Dr. Kelli Ward soundly condemned Stovall’s comments when she reiterated a statement made to Project Veritas to The GOP Times,

“Republicans have learned from the past. Voters are tired of “campaign conservatives” who say one thing on the campaign trail, the opposite (many times disdainfully) in private, and finally betray their supporters again and again if they win. We’ve seen that movie before. I think Alex says it best at the end of the clip “If you’re not doing anything wrong then you’ve got nothing to worry about, but if you’ve got skeletons… What’s in dark comes to light.”

According to Stovall’s main primary opponent Dave Giles, this isn’t the first time that Stovall’s mouth has cost him. Giles told The GOP Times that, “Alex stuck his foot in his mouth at the last debate when he said he preferred to take care of Afghan soldiers rather than our own soldiers.”

“He’s on the wrong side of the fence if he wants to take care of foreign soldiers rather than our own.”

As the situation has progressed Turning Point USA has withdrawn Stovall’s invitation to the AmericaFest set to proceed Dec. 18-21st.

In two follow-up Instagram videos Mr. Stovall seems to engage in some fairly major damage control, claiming that the videos released by Project Veritas were him “venting with his staff” and that he was expressing “personal frustrations” and that the Republicans he was referring to were not the Republican voters but “the Republican establishment” and that “establishment leaders” were more focused on “the theater of audits”. He later criticizes TurningPoint USA and its regional Blexit organization and expresses some dissatisfaction with how activists and organizers were paid.

Alex Stovall has also repeated the oft-told rejoinder to Project Veritas’ releases, that he was taken “out of context”. Furthermore, a curious retweet from Tariq Nasheed seems to belie a much different opinion about Republican voters, one he revealed in the Veritas footage,

 “Racism is real. What the news is telling you what Tucker Carlson is telling you what Candace Owens is telling you. It’s a bunch of baloney.”

This seems to be a huge flip flop from his previous assertions on race, when he said “We cannot allow black, Hispanic or poor white communities to believe this radical agenda this critical race theory nonsense that they’re pushing. I’m not going to tell my children that because they’re black they have less of an opportunity or they’re going to be short-handed.” Which as badly as that little flip-flop was, doesn’t hold a candle to the following jaw-dropping quote captured by Project Veritas, a harsh characterization of a vote for a black Republican being inspired by white-guilt.

“You want to be less white? Vote for the young black candidate.”

Nasheed characterizes Stovall as a man who “pretended to be a male version of Candace Owens, so he could finesse money out of far-right with supremacists.” Mr. Nasheed is notably a proponent of “Foundational Black American” racial theory and author of “Foundation Black American Race Baiter: My Journey Into Understanding Systemic Racism”

A retweet which he later thanked Nasheed for.

He has stated further that he doesn’t intend to drop out of the race, but for many political observers, the writing appears to be on the wall. Stovall even advised the staffer recording him that “the stuff that you will soon know could destroy the campaign.” Indeed, it appears that it very well may.

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