45 Shares Heartfelt Message for Veterans [VIDEO]

President Donald J. Trump recorded a heartfelt message to America’s veterans for Veteran’s Day in a video released via Rumble. In the brief 38 second video. Trump promised that “our country will be back.”, he also consoled veterans, dismayed and distressed by the shambolic and disastrous withdrawal of the US Military from Afghanistan under the Biden-Harris regime.

“On this Veteran’s Day I’d like to pay tribute to all of those incredible people, and you are indeed incredible people, who served so well, and so strong and so powerfully in the United States Armed Forces. We love you. Our nation respects you. The world respects you. And we WILL come back. Our country has gone through a lot. The last period of time has been very, very tough, watching what you had to watch. But our country will be back. And we’ll be back stronger than ever. Happy Veterans Day.”

President Trump was so thoroughly disgusted with Biden’s failure in the Afghanistan withdrawal that he called for Democrat to resign from office in disgrace.

“It is time for Joe Biden to resign in disgrace for what he has allowed to happen to Afghanistan, along with the tremendous surge in COVID, the Border catastrophe, the destruction of energy independence, and our crippled economy,” he wrote in a statement in August.


Veterans Have Always Held A Special Heartfelt Place With Trump

On Veteran’s Day, it behooves us to look back on how President Trump, always placed caring for our Veterans at the top of his priorities. And to make sure that any future administrations are measured against the example. Any time the Biden-Harris regime attempt to crow about what they’ve done for the veterans, it pays to keep this list close. But of course, on Veterans Day, it isn’t about Trump as he would be the first to say, but thanking and respecting our brave veterans.

Thanks to TrumpWhiteHouse.archives.org we can find that Trump:

  • Signed and implemented the VA Mission Act, which made permanent Veterans CHOICE, revolutionized the VA community care system, and delivered quality care closer to home for Veterans
  • The number of Veterans who say they trust VA services has increased 19 percent to a record 91 percent, an all-time high
  • Offered same-day emergency mental health care at every VA medical facility, and secured $9.5 billion for mental health services in 2020
  • Signed the VA Choice and Quality Employment Act of 2017, which ensured that veterans could continue to see the doctor of their choice and wouldn’t have to wait for care
  • During the Trump Administration, millions of veterans have been able to choose a private doctor in their communities
  • Expanded Veterans’ ability to access telehealth services, including through the “Anywhere to Anywhere” VA healthcare initiative, leading to a 1,000 percent increase in usage during COVID-19
  • Signed the Veterans Affairs Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act and removed thousands of VA workers who failed to give our Vets the care they so richly deserve
  • Signed the Veterans Appeals Improvement and Modernization Act of 2017 and improved the efficiency of the VA, setting record numbers for appeals decisions
  • Modernized medical records to begin a seamless transition from the Department of Defense to the VA
  • Launched a new tool that provides Veterans with online access to average wait times and quality-of-care data
  • The promised White House VA Hotline has fielded hundreds of thousands of calls
  • Formed the PREVENTS Task Force to fight the tragedy of Veteran suicide
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