Mother Criticizes Inappropriate GROOMER Book Allowed in School Libraries

During her local school board meeting, a Colorado mother was silenced after attempting to read from one of the books made available to local school children that include graphic and inappropriate references to sex and masturbation.

The mother spoke at a school board meeting for the Adams 12 district, located in the northern tier of the Denver area. At the time, the mother was in attendance of the meeting to object to the controversial books ‘Lawn Boy’ and ‘Gender Queer.”

“I come as a parent, a very concerned parent, about the materials that are in our school, allowed for our children to have access to,” she explained to the board members, mentioning that she is not the person to support the banning of books.

“But I do want to tell you that pornography does not belong in our schools, or accessible to our children,” she affirmed, to which many applauded her in the audience.

Afterwards, she began to flip through the pages of the book ‘Gender Queer’ and read from a very raunchy passage.

Alison Bechdel writes “Fun Home” about discovering masturbation soon after her first period,” she began. “I discovered around the same age followed by the further realization that my ability to become aroused was governed by a strict law of diminishing returns, an elaborate fantasy based on Plato’s Symposium. The more I had to interact with my genitals, the less likely I was to reach a point of satisfaction. The best fantasy was one that did not require any physical touch at all. I got a new strap-on harness today! I can’t wait to put it on you. It will fit my favorite dildo perfectly. I can’t wait to have your c**k in my mouth. I’m going to give you a b***-job of your life. Then I want you inside me.”

The board was quick to stop the mother, as they had heard enough.

“Sorry, you’re out of order,” a member of the board warned. “This is your first warning.”

“This is a book that is accessible in Adams 12,” the mother continued to protest.

“Kindly refrain from further reading here, please,” the board member said. “Thank you.”

“Let me finish reading this,” the mother resumed. “There is no more vulgarity, but this what you allow in our schools. And this is what you allow for our kids to have access to. ‘Please give me my time back.”

The author of “Gender Queer: A Memoir,” has explained to NBC News that what the news outlet called its “graphic illustrations of LGBTQ sexual experiences” were “integral” and that “we need to reduce the shame” that comes with sex among teenagers. The book has garnish quite a great deal of criticism at school boards for keeping it in school libraries.

This book authored by Maia Kobabe “is a de facto guide on gender identity that grapples with the hardships of coming out, the confusion of adolescent crushes and the trauma of being nonbinary in a society that largely sees gender as limited to two categories: man and woman,” NBC News stated, adding that Kobabe “uses gender-neutral pronouns e, em and eir.”

“The author said the book’s frank accounts are ‘integral’ to showing readers an experience growing up outside of cisgender and heterosexual norms,” NBC News reported

One image from the book depicted Kobabe as a 14-year-old “fantasizing about an older man touching the penis of a seemingly younger man or boy,” NBC News stated.

“It’s very hard to hear people say ‘This book is not appropriate to young people’ when it’s like, I was a young person for whom this book would have been not only appropriate, but so, so necessary….There are a lot of people who are questioning their gender, questioning their sexuality and having a real hard time finding honest accounts of somebody else on the same journey. There are people for whom this is vital and for whom this could maybe even be lifesaving,” Kobabe told NBC News.


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