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Farmers Brace for Biden Administration

They say don’t bite the hand that feeds you, but that might be just what the Democrats will do under a Biden Administration.

Midwest Farmers Brace for Biden Administration

Tim and Heidi Vosberg are Wisconsin organic dairy farmers who begin every day of the year at 5 a.m. with milking and feeding. Then the real work begins, and they plant, cultivate, fertilize or harvest their crops, and maintain and repair their equipment. They regularly work between 80 and 100 hours a week without batting an eye. It is no strange thing for them to pull all-nighters to get a crop in before it rains.

The Vosberg’s started their own farm from scratch in 1999, but Tim’s family has been dairy farming in the Midwest since 1841.

Trump had the economy rolling like it never has in American history,” Tim said. He is concerned that if Biden is sworn in, our economy will “go into a tailspin” and really end up hurting them, because when people don’t have money, they won’t be purchasing organic milk.

President Trump‘s roaring economy prior to the shutdowns allowed prices to rise enough to benefit many farmers. And when the economy did tank as a result of government shutdowns, Trump prioritized aid to American farmers.

The Vosberg’s would love to see a free market. They say they don’t see a dime for the pasture and hay that they raise because of government subsidies.

Corey Hartbecke shares the Vosberg’s sentiment about government subsidies for farmers. Hartbecke has been in Iowa agriculture for the past 10 years, and his family has been farming for decades. He explains the predicament that many farmers find themselves in. “As part [of] President Trump’s plan to negotiate a new trade deal with China, there were tariffs placed on Chinese products coming to the USA. China counter moved and refused to buy American soybeans. This caused a cascade in the price of all American agriculture commodities,” Hartbeck explains.

He believes that the government gave them bailout to fix a problem that the government created in the first place. With an incoming Biden Administration, Hartbecke has concerns that the office of president has so much power over the details. Like the Vosbergs, Hartbeck would like to see less government intervention and more free market.

  1. We need to pray for our Country like never before…this administration is going to hurt the middle class, farmers, small businesses, etc..God have mercy on our Country:(

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