Fauci DESTROYED by One of His Own for Double Masking Recommendation

Doctor Osterholm appeared January 31st on Meet The Press where he crafted a response analogy that a 5 year old could understand. Mike Osterholm, a highly regarded epidemiologist and 2017 New York Times Best Selling Author, has destroyed his boss, Dr. Fauci, about double masking.

Destroying Double Masking Fauci Recommendation

As public health experts fear the spread of potentially more contagious COVID-19 variants, Dr. Fauci endorsed last week the practice of “double masking”.  This would be wearing a cloth face covering over a surgical face mask.

Dr. Osterholm has a very stark difference in opinion.  “When we talk about double masking, remember what we’re really talking about is just trying to prevent the virus from being excreted by me into the air or me inhaling the virus from someone else in the air, and it’s both a function of face fit and face filtration,” Osterholm said.

He went on, “If you add on another mask, you may actually make it tougher for the air to move through the two cloth area.” and concluded with “then at that point, it causes more air to actually leak around the sides, which actually enhances your ability to get infected.”

Dr. Fauci called this “common sense” on the Today Show last week.  He spoke directly to scared Americans with no scientific basis.

Osterholm, who is the director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota, used the simplicity of swimming goggles as an analogy to explain the downside to double masking. This destroyed the horrific recommendation by Fauci.

Senator Joe Manchin goes fashionably double masked.

The 5 Year Old Understandable Analogy

“Think about your swim goggles. When’s the last time anybody leaked at the lenses? They leak at the fit,” Osterholm shared.

BOOM! We all love when a doctor can relate to us common folks with such understandable analogies. His analogy was spot on and he didn’t stop there.

Osterholm continued, “I’m not saying that some couldn’t be used in a better way. But at the same time, there are many that actually, you may do more harm. Let me just say right now one thing that’s really, to me, very important is we see up to 25% of people who wear it under their nose.”

“You know, that’s like fixing three of the five screen doors in your submarine. You know what’s going on there? We’ve got to get people to start using these right. That would help right there tremendously.” Osterholm concluded.

Doctor Osterholm is INTELLIGENT and RELATABLE. President Donald Trump loved this combination in all of his advisors. The other bonus is that he DIRECTLY CONTRADICTED and DESTROYED what his boss, the flip flopping Fauci has recommended.

We’d be better off taking advice from Punxsutawney Phil!  At least he’s right 39% of the time.

Dr. Anthony Fauci is reportedly the highest-paid federal employee in the United States, even surpassing the president, according to Forbes.

Our National debt is spiraling out of control. Congress is pushing to explode it more with their liberal policies. This is most obvious by wasteful spending on Fauci, who is at the helm of navigating this pandemic recovery.

We should probably have Congress revisit Fauci’s credibility, expertise and conflicts of interest before his next pay period. Fauci has destroyed our confidence in him as well as the CDC.

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