Mitt Romney Decides to Cosplay Liz Cheney... It Won't End Well

Mitt Romney Decides to Cosplay Liz Cheney… It Won’t End Well

In a not even slightly shocking turn of events, RINO Senator Mitt Romney has decided to follow in the footsteps of failing RINO Representative Liz Cheney in supporting a “January 6th commission.”

This January 6th commission is just an all-around bad idea. News outlet Red State puts it best: This commission “will serve as nothing more than a partisan battering ram for the Democrat Party going into 2022… The commission is set up in a way where Democrats would choose the investigators, essentially making it the Mueller investigation — part two. One of the cardinal sins a GOP politician can make is purposely playing into the hands of the left, and Romney and Cheney are chomping at the bit to do so.”

RINO Senator Mitt Romney has announced his intention to support the House bill creating a commission to probe the January 6th Capitol riot. Of course, the Democrats and RINOs only care about a relatively small “attack” on their precious Capitol building, not the numerous attacks by far-left activists during the riots that have plagued the country for the past year. It shows what is actually important to them: themselves, not the suffering of the American people and the destruction of their businesses and livelihoods.


Romney’s announcement makes him the first Republican member of the Senate to support the bill. Hopefully, he will be the only one, as Democrats needs 10 Republicans to betray their base in order for the bill to pass.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has not yet revealed when the bill will be brought to the Senate floor, though he did say it would be “very soon.”

Senators Bill Cassidy and Susan Collins, both Republicans who voted to convict President Donald Trump earlier this year, seem to be leaning towards supporting the bill as well, according to reporting by The Hill.

Mitt Romney’s decision to follow Liz Cheney will not end well for him. Cheney was recently stripped of her leadership role in the House, and is facing a tough battle to keep her position in Congress, as she has lost a significant amount of support from her base. Hopefully, the same thing will happen to Romney, and they will both be replaced by true conservatives in the next election.


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