Mitt Romney Caught Red Handed

Mitt Romney Caught Red Handed

RINO Senator Mitt Romney has been caught red-handed taking significant donations from far-left financier George Soros. The RINO senator who consistently sides with Democrats over his own party has been called out for his ties to Soros before, and his connections to other corporations who typically support Democrat candidates.

Financial records obtained from show that Romney took a minimum of $17,500 from Soros Fund Management, which is a radical organization funded by George Soros. Of course, that is just the amount made public, so there is a significant chance there is more Soros money in Romney’s past. After all, the far-left financier has mentioned his support for the RINO politician in the past.

While on ABC’s “Good Morning America” in 2012, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich revealed that George Soros “said publicly in a Reuters interview that’s on video that he’s perfectly happy with either Obama or Romney, that they are the same people.”

“I will certainly endorse the Republican nominee, but Mitt Romney will have a very difficult time differentiating himself, and that’s what George Soros’s message is this morning,” Gingrich added.

It was later revealed that, in the taped interview Gingrich was citing, Soros stated: “If it’s between Obama and Romney, there isn’t all that much difference except for the crowd that they bring with them.”

Soros, who spends his vast fortune contributing to organizations and politicians that are bent on destroying the American way of life, focuses his funding on open borders and other radical causes, donating large sums of money to groups like the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the National Immigration Law Center, and many others. What does this tell us about his support for Romney?

In 2012, the fact that Romney was a ‘Republican in Name Only’ wasn’t widely known, as it seems he kept his Democrat leanings to himself. It wasn’t until President Donald Trump took office that conservatives begun to see the real Mitt Romney, quickly realizing that he didn’t actually want to support or uphold conservatism, he just wanted power and to uphold the establishment.

Romney’s ties to left-wing funds don’t stop there, as Gingrich revealed another source of his campaign funds.

“Goldman Sachs: largest fundraiser of Obama in 2008, largest funder of Romney in 2012,” said Gingrich.

Following Soros’ logic, it’s clear that he wasn’t the only one believing that Romney and Obama were practically interchangeable.

Gingrich wasn’t the only one calling out the RINO senator, as Donald Trump made several comments about Romney during is presidency.

“Slick, slippery, stealthy — Mitt Romney had us fooled. Posing as a Republican, he tried to infiltrate Trump’s administration as secretary of State. Now his cover is blown,” Trump said in a video posted to Twitter, prior to his account being removed.

The Bottom Line

Though Mitt Romney has worked hard to try to portray himself as a ‘principled conservative,’ he is far from it. It may have taken a while before his true colors were revealed, but the American people now know the truth and they aren’t going to change their minds. Even before his ties to Soros were publicized, his attitude towards President Trump and his support for the left showed that he doesn’t truly care about conservative values.

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