George Soros Bought and Paid for: How This Democrat Can’t Keep it Under Control

In December we told you about George Soros’ puppet St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner who sought to appeal her dismissal from the case against Mark and Patricia McCloskey for defeding their home and was smacked down… TWICE.

Now Gardner has bigger problems, The downtown St. Louis jail has been the site of multiple inmate uprisings in the last few months, breaking windows setting fires and hurling debris into the streets. Those prisoners are awaiting trial or a plea deal from Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner, who seems to be too busy petitioning again and again to prosecute the McCloskys. Gardner is so busy trying to grab the political spotlight that she isn’t doing her job: clearing cases.

The most recent incident was on Sunday, a crowd gathered in front of the jail to watch as inmates tossed objects down and lit fires. It is unkown if anyone was injured. There are 775 inmates housed in St. Louis’ two facilities awaiting trial or plea.


According to NBC affiliate KSDK5,

A recent snapshot of both facilities showed a total of about 775 inmates. The breakdown of the types of crimes they are accused of committing:

  •       364 Class A felonies including murder, assault, robbery and domestic assault

  •       112 Class B felonies including second-degree robbery, assault and some sexual offenses

  •       94 detainees from other jurisdictions including federal detainees

  •       8 misdemeanors, which include order of protection violations

  •       2 city ordinance violators

  •       47 unclassified felonies including some sex offenses and gun crimes

  •       23 C felonies including drug offenses, drug possession cases in which the detainee likely has another offense in their record

  •       125 Class D felonies including unlawful possession of a weapon and other gun-related charges reported that St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones and radical leftist Democrat U.S. Rep. Cori Bush met with prisoners at both facilities to inspect the conditions there and both reported poor conditions and expressed serious concerns.

Congresswoman Bush said “It was absolutely disgusting,” and said they were told stories about human waste on the floor and saw inadequate health facilities there. Mayor Jones pledged to close the worst of the two known as “The Workhouse” citing criticizms of unsanitary and unsafe conditions.

Gardner was quick to blame COVID for her office’s delays, (funny how she found time to challenge the McClosky ruling twice though isn’t it?)

“We have to look at public safety,” Gardner said. “Not everyone is the worst offender, but we have people who commit violent crimes and we have to understand that they have a right to a jury trial as well as victims have a right to be heard in court.”

Gardner Is The One Violating These Prisoners Rights– She’s Busy Doing Soros’ Bidding

Under the Sixth Amendment to the US Constitution “In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial”, Gardner’s office seems to be failing on the “speedy” part.

The Eighth Amendment to the  Constitution states: “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.” The inability of the city to provide for the safety of prisoners by maintaining control of their facilities would certainly qualify to any logical person as “cruel and unusual”.

At the rate Gardner is going, St. Louis will have to turn hundreds of prisoners loose on the streets for violating at least two of their Constitutional rights. But don’t ask Soros’ hand-picked prosecutor, she’s too busy trying to put away two homeowners, who just defended their property from a violent rioting mob.

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