Blue State Decides to End Participation in Program that Saves Students Millions in College Tuition

Illinois Democrats have made the decision that it is not in their interests for students of their state to have access to an affordable college education. That’s likely because a socially mobile, hard-working, well-educated populace is counteractive to their long-term ideological goals. The Midwest Student Exchange Program, which is a tuition reciprocity agreement that saves students millions in tuition each year will no longer be available to Illinois students.

According to The Chicago Tribune,

“The exchange program gives students from Midwestern states tuition discounts at participating universities. While public colleges and universities typically charge a premium to out-of-state students,those in the program agree to charge eligible students no more than 150% of the school’s in-state tuition for specific programs, and private colleges offer a 10% reduction in tuition, according to the Midwestern Higher Education Compact, which oversees the program. Students typically save $500 to $5,000 per year, the compact said.”

Neighboring States Answer The Call That Illinois Will Not, To Save Students Millions

According to reports from The Manhattan Mercury and WEAU 12 Universities in Kansas and Wisconsin are both initiating programs to provide financial support for new Illinois students which Springfield politicians decided to leave behind. The Kansas State Board of Regents has announced that a reduced tuition rate will be effective for the fall 2022 semester. Applying to full-time, domestic, undergraduate students who are either incoming freshmen or transfer students.


The Manhattan Mercury wrote, “The reduced rate is available to students pursuing any undergraduate major with an overall high school GPA of 3.25 and a composite score of 22 on the ACT, or 1100 on the SAT. The reduced out-of-state tuition rate will be 150% of the in-state rate.”

Not to be outdone by KU the University of Wisconsin is offering a partial tuition waiver for Illinois students.

“We are excited to offer Illinois students this partial tuition waiver,” Laura King, Vice Chancellor of Enrollment and Strategic Initiatives, said. “The savings will help us continue our outreach efforts in Illinois. UW-Stout has experienced an increase in student interest and attendance from Illinois students over the past several years and wanted to ensure that we continue to foster this pathway.”

According to WEAU, Illinois students will be eligible to receive the waiver each term and it is guaranteed through the Spring of 2024.

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