Liberal Poll Sends Shock Waves Through Democrats Agenda

Liberal Poll Sends Shock Waves Through Democrats Agenda

A poll released from a liberal news publication contradicts the left-wing narrative, and may lead to less support for the Democrat agenda.

The Poll

The Politico/Morning Consult poll surveying support for a ban on biological males competing in girl’s sports indicates “broad support for the GOP position, extending across gender, age and, to a lesser degree, party,” Politico reported.

“Overall, 53% of registered voters support banning transgender athletes from competing in women’s sports, versus a third who oppose such a ban,” the report continued.


These results are particularly surprising when you separate by generation, as more millennials support the ban than baby boomers. Millennials are often portrayed as one of the most “liberal” generations, but in this case they may be leaning on the conservative side.

Politico highlighted these results from their survey:

  • Men: 59% support a ban, 29% oppose
  • Women: 46% support a ban, 34% oppose
  • Republicans: 74% support a ban, 15% oppose
  • Dems: 40% support a ban, 42% oppose
  • Independents: 49% support a ban, 33% oppose
  • Gen Z: 43% support a ban, 44% oppose
  • Millennials: 56% support a ban, 28% oppose
  • Baby boomers: 50% support a ban, 32% oppose

Several states are currently considering legislation barring biological males from competing against girls in sports, as well as other issues relating to transgender minors. The Daily Wire listed several recent articles pertaining to this legislation:

The Bottom Line

Most people have sympathy for minors who have mental health issues that lead them to question their gender, especially those who have been conditioned to do so by the culture, and even their own families. But we also have to consider the effect this is having on girl’s sports. It seems that the majority of Americans agree that protecting girls’ rights to compete on a level playing field should be a priority, even in a poll conducted by a left-biased institution.

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