Woman’s BURNING Body Discovered on Front Lawn

According to authorities, Adam Howe was arrested for allegedly murdering his mother after her body was discovered burning in a fire on the front lawn of their home.

Howe is now facing a murder charge after he was arrested by the Cape Cod SWAT team.

The incident occurred in Truro, Massachusetts late Friday night, as officials were called to the scene around 9:30 p.m. for a wellness check as well as a separate fire incident.

Just as officers recognized there was a body burning in the yard fire, they saw a man run inside the house and lock the door.

It was at this point that the SWAT team was called in to enter the home and capture 34-year-old Howe.

Authorities claim that evidence has pointed to Howe’s mother, Susan Howe, being the person whose body was burning just outside the home.

After police were able to gather additional information from Howe’s family, the suspect will now being receiving a mental health evaluation.

The investigation into the incident is being completed by state and local police as well as the state fire marshal’s office.

Susan Howe held the position of chair of the Truro Commission on Disabilities and was the president of the Truro Historical Society.



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