3 New Articles of Impeachment Filed Against Joe Biden

3 New Articles of Impeachment Filed Against Joe Biden

Three new articles of impeachment have been filed against Joe Biden. Though they are likely to go nowhere, the representatives that filed them are hoping that they can still make a difference.

Impeaching Joe Biden is not a realistic goal until Republicans can successfully take back both houses of Congress. Even then, there are so many RINOs in the GOP that would likely vote against impeachment “on principle” that it still would not be successful. Many people cite the bogus attempts to impeach Donald Trump at the beginning of his presidency, saying that the recent attempts to impeach Biden are the same thing. But the truth is, they aren’t.

Previous Impeachment Attempts

Democrats tried to impeach Donald Trump for ridiculous reasons within the first year of his presidency, and even before he officially took office. They used the Russia Collusion Hoax, fabricated using false information from the Clinton-funded Steele Dossier to do so. These actions aren’t even comparable to the impeachment efforts against Joe Biden, which actually have legitimate concerns raised in them.


Earlier this year, GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene introduced three articles of impeachment against Joe Biden, citing “his dereliction of duty in Afghanistan, his violations of immigration law causing a national security crisis on our Southern border, and his usurping of Congressional power by ignoring the SCOTUS.”

This attempt obviously went nowhere, especially because the Democrats and RINOs have done such a great job of smearing Rep. Greene.

New Articles of Impeachment

On September 21st, Ohio GOP Representative Bob Gibbs introduced three articles of impeachment against Joe Biden, citing the same reasons as Rep. Greene, and asserting that Biden is “not capable of being commander-in-chief.”

“I take this seriously. I don’t think it’s haphazard. I’m not trying to get media attention for myself,” Gibbs told The Washington Examiner. “He’s done so much damage to this country in less than nine months, which is really scary.”

“He’s not capable of being commander-in-chief, and that’s obvious by the actions since Day One when he took the presidency back in January,” the GOP congressman continued. “Maybe something like this makes the White House think twice before they do some of this nonsense.”

Gibbs also revealed that he and the articles’ cosponsors, Arizona Representative Andy Biggs and Texas Representatives Brian Babin and Randy Weber, had begun working on the articles of impeachment before the Biden administration’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan. The articles were originally intended to focus on the border crisis and the eviction moratorium.

The Issues

Illegal Immigration

After telling illegal immigrants to surge the border during his time on the campaign trail, Biden got exactly what he wanted. The crisis at the southern border has gotten so bad that there are currently over 10,000 Haitian illegal aliens camping out in Del Rio, Texas.

American Military News reports: “The staggering number of illegal immigrants entering the U.S. in one weekend adds onto the more than 1 million who have been arrested along the border so far this year.”

Speaking out about that crisis, Rep. Gibbs said: “If that isn’t violating his oath of office to protect American citizens, our safety, and our welfare, I don’t know what is.”

Eviction Moratorium

Another article of impeachment is focused on Joe Biden’s blatantly unconstitutional actions regarding the eviction moratorium. Despite the Supreme Court telling him that the executive branch had no authority to extend the moratorium, and that Congress would have to do it, Joe Biden extended it anyway. The administration even acknowledged that “the bulk of the constitutional scholars say it’s not likely to pass constitutional muster,” and Biden said that the unconstitutional extension would at least “give [renters] some additional time” while the court addressed the issue.


Joe Biden completely botched the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, sneaking American soldiers out in the middle of the night and leaving behind weapons, equipment, American citizens, and Afghan allies. This allowed for the Taliban to completely take over the country in a matter of days, leading to the deaths of 13 U.S. service members in an attack.

“Who in their right mind takes troops out before they take out American citizens and our allies?” Rep. Gibbs said.

The Futility

These articles of impeachment, although obviously warranted, are ultimately futile. Even Rep. Gibbs acknowledges this.

“Obviously, it’s not going to go anywhere with Speaker Pelosi,” Gibbs told the Examiner. “It shows that there are some Republicans that think that this president needs to be impeached, he needs to be removed from office one way or another.”

“At some point, they’re gonna be held accountable for their actions, and this is kind of putting them on notice,” he added.

Hopefully, he’s right that Joe Biden will be held accountable for his actions, but unfortunately, it is unlikely. Republicans have been known for putting up important legislation that would actually have positive effects on the country only when they are not in power, but doing absolutely nothing once they retake Congress. Many voters have been disappointed with the party over this, and have grown concerned that the GOP is all talk and no action. Hopefully, with all of the new “America First” candidates coming into office, things will change.

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