Biden Fires from the Hip, Then the White House Cuts His Feed

Biden Fires from the Hip, Then the White House Cuts His Feed

When Joe Biden dared to speak without the aid of the carefully crafted script on his teleprompter, the White House decided to cut his feed mid-sentence.

Most people realize that there are members of the federal bureaucracy (deep state) pulling the strings of nearly every president at some point during their time in office, but Joe Biden is an extreme example of that fact. It has been obvious from the start that he is not mentally fit to hold office, but the left hated Donald Trump so much that they had no choice but to elect Biden.

Since taking office, Biden has given many hints towards the fact that he is not actually the one in charge. From saying “I’m not supposed to take questions” during a press conference to the ominous references to a mysterious “they” who are telling him who to call on among the press, it’s obvious that someone is pulling the strings.


When Biden appeared to go off script during a speech in Idaho about “climate change,” the White House abruptly cut the video feed.

One America News reports: “The White house has developed a reputation for cutting off video feed during Biden’s briefings without public explanation. This time, the feed was cut as Biden tried to answer an unapproved question… This comes days after White House staffers reportedly admitted to switching off or muting Joe Biden’s public appearances out of anxiety over what he would say.”

This was no accident.

“Can I ask you a question?” Biden said. “One of things that I have been working on with some others is…” *screen goes blank*


This isn’t the first time the White House has cut the feed when Biden was still speaking.

In March, almost immediately after Joe Biden says he would be “happy to take questions,” the White House mysteriously shut the video down.


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