Another Turncoat Emerges, Jumps in Bed With Democrats

Another Turncoat Emerges, Jumps in Bed With Democrats

Another RINO turncoat has emerged, and has decided to switch his party affiliation from Republican to Democrat. At least he’s being honest, unlike other RINOs in the party who still claim to be Republicans.

New Hampshire state Representative William Marsh, who has won election to four terms in the state House, has announced that he is changing his party affiliation.

In a press release, Marsh said that he had already met with the town clerk in Brookfield to change his registration to the Democrat Party.

“I have come to realize a majority of Republicans, both locally and in the NH House, hold values which no longer reflect traditional Republican values. And so I am recognizing the reality that today’s Republican Party is no longer the party I first joined when campaigning for President Reagan many years ago,” Marsh said in the press release.

The state representative said that he had been content to carry out the rest of his term without taking any action, but he changed his mind after state GOP leaders decided to protest for freedom.

Marsh was apparently so appalled that the party of liberty would hold a rally against Joe Biden‘s unconstitutional vaccine mandate, that he had to change his party affiliation to Democrat.

“I cannot in good conscience support this selfish refusal to take reasonable precautions,” he said. “So far, NH has done remarkably well with Covid by taking all reasonable precautions while carefully reopening our economy. I was proud to be part of the Governor’s Economic Reopening Taskforce that made that happen. I cannot stand idly by while extremists reject the reasonable precautions of vaccinations and masks which made that happen.”

It’s honestly unbelievable to hear a so-called Republican switch to the Democrat Party to avoid being associated with “extremists,” when the Democrats are the party of extremism. Further, to claim to be a Reagan Republican while also being against freedom is disturbing and disingenuous. New Hampshire’s Republican Party is better off without him, and hopefully they will be able to run a true conservative in the next election to unseat this turncoat.

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