A Compromised Democrat and a Lying Sack of Adam Schiff Team Up in Epic Snowflake Meltdown

Congressmen Eric Swalwell (D-CA) and Adam Schiff (D-CA) have managed to convince Inspector General Michael Horowitz as well as Senate Majority Chuck Schumer (D-NY) to investigate subpoenas against them issued by the DoJ under President Trump during their investigation of both compromised Democrats.

Republicans have made no mystery of the fact that Swalwell’s illicit relationship with known Chinese Intelligence asset “Fang Fang” and Schiff’s rampant abuse of the FISA warrant system during the so-called “Russia Investigation” needed to be fully investigated. Many in the GOP and among the American people would be enormously reassured that these terrifying intel breaches were being followed upon.

Bipartisan Report, in a report that was anything but bipartisan maligned the Trump administration while echoing leftist talking points. They even seemed to praise the disgraced Democrats from California. They wrote,


“The data seizures constitute a widely appalling abuse of power by the Trump administration, which was conducting an investigation into leaks when going after the materials.”

Why Were the DoJ Investigating Swalwell and Schiff?

Why would the Trump-era Department of Justice seize phone records from Schiff, Swalwell, and their families?

We don’t have the answers at this time, but we do know that Schiff was under serious fire for potentially criminal use of the FISA warrant system against President Trump, his campaign, and his family under President Obama in addition to being one of the most prolific leakers of classified intel data to the press and that Eric Swalwell was later revealed to be compromised by Chinese Intelligence. So wouldn’t it logically track that these two SHOULD be under investigation (and probably should be STILL?)

Naturally, the mainstream media is falling all over themselves to rush to their defense and condemn Trump. The largest potential issue of the investigation of both Congressmen is a conflict between two branches of the government.

Traditionally, the DoJ, as part of the Executive Branch reporting to the President wouldn’t launch investigations or gather evidence in a case against a Member of Congress in the course of their duties, rather they would raise the issue to the attention of the House Speaker who would then launch an internal investigation with the ethics committee potentially leading to a Congressman’s dismissal. Federal investigation and charges could follow, but only after the member of Congress was ejected from the House.

However, consider that this would require good faith from House leadership, and in days past this could be counted on, even from an opposing party. But not in today’s world, and the Speaker of the House at that time… and still was Nancy Pelosi. No matter what information or suspicions President Trump had (and he made them very, very well known) Pelosi would take no action against Schiff or Swalwell (and she still hasn’t).

The only way Trump COULD proceed was through the DoJ, in order to collect the necessary evidence against both men and bring it before an impartial Grand-Jury. Even then, a Constitutional-crisis would have certainly ensued. But they simply ran out of time.

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