Adam Schiff Pledges to Continue to be a Massive POS

Adam Schiff Pledges to Continue to be a Massive POS

During a recent appearance on CNN, attention-seeking liar Adam Schiff has pledged to continue his fight against freedom-loving Americans.

California Rep. Adam Schiff, who serves as the chair of the House Intelligence Committee and a member of the House committee investigating the January 6th riot, is widely known for his penchant for lying to the American people. During Donald Trump’s presidency, Schiff went on every mainstream media propaganda outlet and held numerous press conferences claiming that he had seen ‘more than circumstantial evidence’ that Trump colluded with the Russians, and also pushed numerous other left-wing conspiracy theories about Trump and Republicans.

Of course, he was proven wrong, yet he faced no consequences for lying about so-called evidence.


Now, Adam Schiff is busy trying to hype up the January 6th riot, which was little more than an unauthorized tour of the Capitol building, minus a few bad actors.

When asked by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer why the authorities in Democrat-run Washington, D.C. were not prepared for the riot, Adam Schiff of course did not have an answer.

“Well, in terms of your first question, why did they underestimate the threat, this is one of the questions, one of the most important questions that we are probing,” the Democrat representative stated.

Schiff then went on with the typical authoritarian leftist nonsense, saying that the Capitol riot is the perfect excuse to ramp up federal government spying on American citizens.

“And, you know, what I found most interesting, Wolf, about this recent disclosure by this watchdog group is that in one of those emails they have described — one of the fusion associations describes a collection requirement. That means we need to collect against this,” he said.

“We need to know of the threat that’s out there, and that may answer a question that we have been posing to the FBI in some of our very general oversight hearings in our individual committees,” Schiff added. “And that is, why didn’t we see all of these online threat indicators? Because what they had been saying up until now has been, well, we’re not, you know, permitted under our policies just to be combing the internet looking for things. We need a predicate. Well, these emails seem to suggest there was a predicate. And so, this is really the heart of our inquiry.”

Wolf Blitzer, who is far from an objective journalist, seemed to agree with Adam Schiff, noting that the House of Representatives is now trying to work with phone companies and social media companies to get information on American citizens.

“You are also investigating as part of this House Select Committee, Congressman, they just put out this statement saying telecom and social media companies need to provide what they call much more information. Are you running into issues with a lack of cooperation here, or is it too early to conclude that?” Blitzer asked.

Of course, most tech companies are eager to comply with the left’s authoritarian demands.

“In terms of the cooperation, you know, I think we can certainly tell with respect to some of those that we’re pursuing information from that they are cooperating, they want to be cooperative,” Schiff replied. “With others, you know, frankly, because I can speak as the chair of the Intel Committee, we requested documents months ago that we have been getting slow walked on and now the select committee has requested those same documents and more. And, you know, we’re going to have to use whatever tools we have, as you mentioned, to compel performance if we don’t get things right away. And, so, I think that is the response has been uneven, but even with that, we have gotten a wealth of materials and we’re just beginning to go through.”

At least some people in Congress are fighting back, as Blitzer noted in response.

“You will be getting a lot more material, I suspect, fairly soon. The House minority leader, Kevin McCarthy, has threatened these companies, as you know, not to comply with your select committee investigation,” the CNN host said.

Blitzer then asked: “What do you expect in terms of legal challenges to these records request? How legally are you prepared to go after these records?

“Well, we are prepared to go after them vigorously and we will do it through lawful means. We consult very closely with the House General Counsel, who is an outstanding lawyer and the head of an outstanding team of lawyers to make sure that we’re on very solid ground with everything that we request. And we’re going to continue to do that,” Schiff responded.

“These are really not unprecedented things in terms of Congress seeking records from agencies, from social media companies, from telecommunications companies,” he added. “There is a lot of precedent for it, and we’ll be careful to follow the precedent. But we all understand the importance of this task.”

Adam Schiff then noted that another rally is coming up, and Democrats are already worrying about security.

“And, you know, frankly, that we have another rally coming up on the mall and more worries about security only further validates how important it is that we get our work done and we expose what went into January 6th and the American people and the steps we need to protect ourselves going forward,” he said.

The question is, will they be “prepared” this time, or will they let things get out of hand on purpose again so that they can demonize conservatives once again?

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