Antifa Member Smashes GOP Senator’s Office Door with an AXE — What FBI Did Next is Nuts

If a White parent dares to question Critical Race Theory at the local school board meeting, they instantly get added to the FBI’s most wanted list. Antifa-supporting anarchists hacking their way into a Republican Senator’s office with an axe are considered heroes. The bureau even gave one his axe back.

‘I am Antifa’

Despite violent threats on social media, all the Antifa army soldier got was a love-tap on the wrist in liberal federal court. Adding insult to the injury, the FBI gave him something to gloat over. 31-year-old Thomas Alexander Starks or “Tas” to his anarchist friends, bragged on Facebook that the FBI was nice enough to return his axe.

The same one security camera footage documented him using while trying to break inside Republican Senator John Hoeven’s Fargo office on December 21, 2020. “Look what the FBI were kind enough to give back to me!” Starks posted.

It nestled in with calls for violence galore. The court was well aware of his Antifa connection before he pleaded guilty. Back in April he took a deal for “destruction of government property.”

The federal guidelines recommended somewhere between 10–16 months in prison for that. The judge ignored them. He knew from court filings that Starks was “politically open and motivated,” left-leaning and “very active in protests.”

Starks made social media posts like “I am ANTIFA. I will always attack fascists, racial superiority complexes built around nationalism that promotes genocide to fuel a war machine is the worst humanity has to offer.”

That’s a paraphrase of “the manifesto” written by Portland anarchist Michael Reinoehl, who used similar phrasing in a social media post “before killing Aaron Danielson.” The judge let Starks off with probation and a fine to pay for the door.

Hunt fascists

At the time he took the deal and before sentencing, Starks bragged “about using a rifle to ‘hunt fascists,’ and also using soup cans as projectiles to assault police.” He posted photos of himself “wearing a Socialist Rifle Association t-shirt.”

That may not seem like much but the “group had communicated on Twitter in 2019 with Ohio Antifa member Connor Betts before he died carrying out a deadly mass shooting in Dayton.”


He had some bold advice for any Antifa anarchist facing eviction. “If they try to kick you out of your home don’t leave, or find a place to go and burn it down.” No wonder people think they can plow through a Christmas parade and get away with it.

“Despite Starks’ violent extremism, mainstream Democrats in North Dakota have expressed support for him throughout the year.” They stuffed his GoFundMe like a trailer full of illegal Hondurans.

“After Starks was arrested, Democrat leaders in North Dakota donated to his legal defense fund, which raised thousands on GoFundMe.” Donations came in from folks with heavy social connections downtown.

“North Dakota Democratic-Nonpartisan League Party chairwoman Kylie Oversen, party executive Ellie Shockley and former lieutenant gubernatorial contender Ellen Chaffee all gave money to Starks.” They probably had his Antifa approved axe polished and sharpened for him before they gave it back.

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