Award Goes to Freedom Loving Republican Leader

Following his bombastic rejections of the Biden-Harris regime’s attempts to impose their will on the people of Florida, The pre-eminent leader of the Florida GOP, Governor Ron DeSantis is to be honored by the Sarasota County Republican Party with their “Statesman of The Year” award in October 2021  at the Hyatt Regency Sarasota, 1000 Boulevard of the Arts, Sarasota.

A Leader Among Republican Governors

“Governor DeSantis is the most effective and popular governor in the United States among Republicans, and we are thrilled to honor him with this award.”, Jack Brill, acting chairman of the Republican Party of Sarasota County, said in a statement.

The Governor’s name is mentioned frequently alongside other prominent GOP Governors such as Texas’ Greg Abbott and South Dakota’s Kristi Noem.

“For a mid-size community such as Sarasota, this list of Statesman Award winners is impressive and shows the importance of Sarasota to Florida and on the national stage,” Brill said. “We feel very honored to be able to add Gov. DeSantis to the list of winners.”

DeSantis Finds Himself In (Mostly) Good Company Amongst Republican

According to Patch.com, “Previous winners of the “Statesman of the Year” award include former President Donald Trump — who won the award twice — Sen. Rick Scott, Sen. Ted Cruz, Vice President Dick Cheney, Rep. Liz Cheney, Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, and Fox News radio host Sean Hannity.” Clearly, a few mistakes were made…. named Cheney.

President Trump is a two-time recipient of the award which also doubles as one of the largest GOP fundraisers of the political year in Florida.  Tickets run $200 for general admission and $350 for VIP access,  a “Governors Circle” table for 10 costs $5,000 and the “Senator’s Circle” table for 10 costs $10,000. Tickets can be purchased online here.

Florida Politics reports,

“The award is notable considering two years of reported tension between DeSantis and RPOF chair Joe Gruters. The Sarasota Republican holds the formal title of Republican Party of Sarasota chair, though day-to-day affairs at the local party have fallen to Brill since Gruters’ election as state chair In 2019.

Still, Gruters works closely with Brill, and the honor signals a cooperative tone between the Governor’s office and party leadership — at the state and local level.”

DeSantis’ star has been on the rise since the early days of the COVID panic when he made immediate and clear distinctions between how a GOP government in Florida responds to a crisis as opposed to New York of California. In spite of constant and withering attacks from the entire mainstream media and the full force of the machine that installed the Biden-Harris regime, the Florida Governor has made a name for himself by standing in steadfast defiance of COVID19 lockdowns and restrictions, enabling his state to survive and even thrive amid the economic devastation that dominated 2020 while prioritizing treatment and vaccination for Senior citizens and making mitigation efforts a choice on an individual and organizational, NOT governmental responsibility and decision. His status as a GOP front-runner has been repeatedly asserted through CPAC polling

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