Devastating Plane Crash

Breaking: Devastating Plane Crash [Vides/Images]

A plane carrying 21 people crashed while trying to depart the Houston Executive Airport in Waller County, Texas, bursting into flames.

Miraculously, all 21 people on board, which includes 18 passengers and three crew members, survived the crash and were able to get off the plane safely. One person was transported to the hospital after suffering back injuries.

According to several reports, the McDonnell Douglas MD-87 aircraft crashed through a fence and caught on fire while it was trying to leave the airport.

“During the departure, it looked like a normal departure. Like I said, once it got behind the hangers I could not tell myself what was going on with the aircraft,” said the airport’s executive director Andrew Perry. “It should have been up in the air. I knew something was wrong and then a couple of seconds later, we saw the fireball and went rushing to the scene.”

Due to the crash, approximately 1,800 homes in the area lost power, though CenterPoint Energy was able to restore power to most of the houses by noon.

The owner of the plane, developer James Alan Kent, was one of the passengers aboard during the crash. Kent released a statement the morning after the crash, saying that he was thankful that no one was seriously injured.

“Thankfully, everyone used the emergency slides to exit and make it to safety before a fire consumed the plane. There was a minor injury sustained by a passenger going down the slide but thank God that there was no loss of life,” Kurt said.



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